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Cannabis Odor Control

Planning For Cannabis Odor Control In The Design Phase

By August 8, 2017February 16th, 2020No Comments

In states where cannabis can be grown legally, there is an increasing concern about the odor that these greenhouses produce. This is not something that is unique to cannabis growth, but it is more distinct and more problematic than many other commercially grown crops. High pressure fogging systems are very effective in naturally managing odor, and they offer other benefits that air scrubbers or filters simply can’t provide.

The Issues

To add to the problem, there are limited options for cannabis growers to consider when it comes to effective cannabis odor control systems. In virtually all cases these are relatively new companies due to the recent changes in laws, which means there may not be a lot of start-up cash available specifically for air purification and filtration systems.

At Fogco, we have been on the cutting edge of working with different greenhouses to develop highly effective cannabis odor control systems that are low cost, easy to install and offer the precise control that is so essential for maximizing the of odor mitigation.

What Works

One important factor that we have with all of our misting systems is the ability to allow our systems to be controlled by other’s environmental control systems. This allows your staff to customize the system to operate within your parameters. This is ideal for every stage of production from clone to flowering.

We offer full assistance in choosing the right misting systems for any cannabis greenhouse. Our design engineers can be involved from the planning stage, allowing for optimal deployment of the misting system for maximum coverage at minimum cost.