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Cannabis Humidification & Odor Control System

Cannabis Odor Control with Fog Systems

By May 12, 2017February 16th, 2020No Comments

Cannabis plants have a strong odor when they are at the flowering stage of growth. Therefore, there are strict odor control regulations on greenhouses that grow legalized marijuana. The experts at Fogco can help you with your cannabis odor control needs.

How Fog Systems Help with Odor Control

One way to control the smell is through charcoal filters, but these are very costly and result in a lot of maintenance to the companies that use them, . Filtration also restricts the air exchange rate which has a negative impact on growing conditions. Fogco offers a variety of more effective and cost friendly solutions that completely neutralize the odor versus masking it, .

Fogco has been designing and manufacturing odor control systems for over 25 years. Their systems are used in a variety of industries from cannabis growing to industrial applications such as petroleum manufacturing and waste transfer facilities. Fogco’s success has been supported by the use of a breakthrough neutralizing solution that virtually eliminates the odor molecule.

Fogco’s Expert Customer Service

No one wants to offend their neighbors, especially when they are producing a product that will help relieve the pain and suffering of lots of patients who use medical marijuana every day. So, in order to meet regulations and be a responsible community partner, these companies are starting to rely on the experts at Fogco to help them rid their facilities of incurred odors while these plants flower and bloom.

When you call Fogco for help, they will put one of their professional experts on the line to discuss your needs and to answer all of your questions. They can talk to you about all of their products and find the one that best suits your requirements.