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Misting System Fans

Add Style to Your Outdoor Living Space with Patio Misting Fans

By September 21, 2016February 16th, 2020No Comments

If you have always admired that southern look of a large porch or covered patio or deck area with the big overhead fans, we would like you to take a closer look at our line. Our WindChill Patio Cooling Mist Fan is a perfect addition to any covered patio area, and it will definite add to the comfort and the style of your outdoor space.

These patio misting fans are a must for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors in the summer. The ability to not only provide air circulation but to actually cool the air through the misting system makes them a great addition to any home or commercial property.

These are a perfect addition to a restaurant or bar or for commercial outdoor seating areas. These classic looking fans also are very complimentary for a home patio, seating area or even an outdoor kitchen space. They also add temperature control to allow you to enjoy your gazebo or the area around a pool.

The Look

These patio misting fans come in a variety of different styles. We offer a very modern looking fan to a very traditional look. Colors and options include combinations of colors such as gold, brown and earthy and natural color combinations that will blend in well with any type of design and décor.

We also offer different powder coating options, giving you custom colors to coordinate with your outdoor design. Additionally, there are custom appliqués that are available with the fans, enhancing their design and providing an amazing look.

Our design includes a revolutionary deflector plate which allows for adjustment of the flow of air. With the air flow in place, the cool air from the evaporative process can be directed right where you want it and cooling up to 900 square feet of space.

We also offer smaller models for up to 400 square feet, providing a truly wonderful experience that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space even in the heat of the summer.

The Cooling Factor

Each of the fans is equipped with 10 misting nozzles that encircle the base of the fan, hidden from view in the housing. This releases the very fine mist of water that drops the ambient temperature and allows for the cool air to blow and cool the entire area.

With our patio misting fans, you can use the standard 12” down-rod or request a custom length to position the fans at the optimal height. This creates a unique look that simply isn’t possible with other misting systems, or cooling fan combinations.

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