Misting Product Upgrades For 2015

February 2nd, 2015 | Posted by Gary Wintering

We have been busy the last couple of months solidifying changes and upgrades to several of our misting product lines.

The biggest improvement will be to our mist pump range which will now be built with UL compliant and NEC rated thermal, ground fault, and short circuit protection providing the industries highest standard for safety.

The pulley drive misting units will include a circuit breaker sized for the specific pump; an automatic thermal overload switch inside the motor; and the appropriately sized fuses for all branch circuits.

The pulley drive mist pumps will also include a low water safety switch and motor start contactor. These components will protect the pump by preventing the unit from operating with insufficient water supply.

The direct drive units will include an automatic thermal overload switch inside the motor and the appropriately sized fuses for all branch circuits.

This protection provides a safer mist product for our customers and more reliable performance from the entire pump range. With these added features, we will also be extending our warranty to an industry leading 5 years!

We have also made some improvements to our Revolution® humidification fans. To accommodate high humidity applications, all Revolution® fog fans now include sealed bearings and rust proof treatment and are applicable for use with humidity levels up to 99%.

In addition, we have made several upgrades for our proprietary and mist specific controller and sensor products. The FOGCOntroller programming and components have been upgraded to provide more robust and reliable performance. The FOGCOntroller II now has the added option of using the internal sensor OR using one of our remote sensors. And, lastly, we have introduced a new high humidity sensor that provides consistent performance in humidity levels up to 99% while preventing condensation on the sensor chip.

Feel free to contact our Customer Service Department for more information or to answer any questions you may have about these exciting and innovative changes to our misting products.

Also, watch for a few announcements over the next couple of weeks as we introduce our latest proprietary products for the cooling and humidification markets.