Dust Suppression

Dust suppression systems are a requirement for many industries. High-pressure fog mist provides an excellent dust suppression method because it’s able to physically trap dust particles and control it at the source. Fogco has one of the most effective and broadest array of dust suppression products; both mobile units and permanent fixtures for any indoor and outdoor condition.  At Fogco, we partner with companies in many industries such as demolition, mining, construction, and waste management to provide dust suppression solutions that meet OSHA standards.


Complete Dust Suppression

Our system uses high-pressure fog to contain and control dust particles that escape during processing. The fog then pushes the dust particles back to the floor, eliminating it from the air and removing concerns about dust inhalation or dust pollution.

Fogco offers dust control solutions for both indoor and outdoor work environments.

Indoor Dust Control

To control dust in an indoor workplace, we install static overhead lines in a grid-like matrix across the ceiling or the perimeter of entry/exit points. Our proprietary Revolution® series fog fan is a desirable option to overhead lines, providing more thorough coverage. The Revolution® series was designed to provide superior coverage and more efficient dust control than traditional static lines alone.

Fogco also offers the broadest mobile product line in the market, called the Fogco FogCannonTM, that can be deployed indoors and move around the facility as needed. These Fogco FogCannons™ can also be mounted as needed for fixed applications.

Both the Revolution® fan and our Fogco FogCannonsTM distribute high-pressure fog mist which captures the dust and pushes it to the ground.

Outdoor Dust Control

With the broadest product offering in the market, the Fogco FogcannonTM is the preferred solution for an open or outdoor work environment. It can throw fog from 50 to 450 feet, suppressing airborne dust.  These units can be stationary or mobile, self-sustaining or easily connected to existing power or water sources.  A system can be managed individually or as a collective whole from one control center.  With unique features like adjustable nozzle rings, the appropriate amount of fog can be provided to manage dust piles and keep them from blowing around by applying the proper amount of moisture to the surface to control dust.

Depending on your specific work environment and needs, Fogco also offers permanent fixture fog systems, that can effectively suppress dust.  Regardless of your dust challenges, Fogco has the entire solution set and expertise in-house.


Why Fogco for Dust Suppression? 

Our goal is to design a system and recommend the correct product to treat the actual source of the dust. The droplet size and delivery matters. By combining Fogco’s expertise and its versatile and broad product line, the ultimate dust suppression solution can be achieved.

Fogco is the high-pressure fog industry pioneer, having been in business since 1989 bringing to market new, effective fog mist solutions with top quality manufacturing. We have the experience to solve your dust control issues whether they’re indoor or outdoor, no matter the facility size.

California Waste Services (CWS) specializes in construction and demolition waste and utilizes Fogco products exclusively. Eric Casper, president and owner of CWS, relies on Fogco FogCannonsTM heavily for dust suppression. “A dust cannon is the most efficient way to mitigate dust because it sends out a microparticle that attaches to the dust particle, and when the two of them combine, gravity takes over,” Casper says. Read more about CWS and Fogco here.

Our systems can be customized to provide dust suppression for any industry in any situation. To learn more about our products, please contact us to request a free dust control consultation.