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Humidification System

Where Should You Buy Your Industrial Humidifier?

By December 14, 2016February 16th, 2020No Comments

An industrial humidifier is an important part of many businesses today. When you buy one of these systems, it’s important to get a good return on your investment and find the right supplier. Today, a lot of companies are turning to Fogco for their Industrial Humidifier needs.

The Important Role of the Commercial Humidifier

With the advancements in technology, commercial humidifiers on the market today have the capabilities to do more than just add moisture to the air. They are designed to closely monitor humidity levels in a variety of environments to ensure sensitive materials and products will not be affected or ruined by climate change.

Static Electricity

When humidity levels drop, static electricity becomes more common. In some industrial environments static electricity can be a serious concern. For example, workers may experience a jolt of static electricity if they come into contact with certain materials, which can be very unnerving and uncomfortable. However, encounters with static electricity can result in more severe outcomes depending on the environment.

People working around hazardous or flammable materials must be very careful about creating sparks. The sparks from one static electrical discharge can be enough to ignite an explosion. It is important to have a proper means of grounding employees and an industrial humidifier will keep humidity at the required levels—decreasing the chance for static electricity problems.

Many kinds of electronic equipment and components are very sensitive to static electrical charges. Maintaining the recommended humidity is part of a good static electricity prevention program.

Indoor Agriculture

Many crops today are grown in controlled environments, leading farmers to depend on an industrial humidifier to maintain the right humidity for proper plant health. In addition, some crops grow faster and produce better when raised under conditions with controlled humidity. With the use of a humidifier, different crops are able to grow in environments that are naturally unfit or when the weather is unpredictable.

Evaporation Prevention

When the air gets too dry, evaporation occurs more readily. In the wine industry this could be disastrous, as the wine will literally evaporate through the wooden barrels it is stored in.

Dust Problems

In many commercial environments today, dust is a real concern. Standard humidifiers may not clean dust from the air, but Fogco makes units which humidify, control temperature and keep dust levels to a minimum. This provides two very important benefits in addition to humidification. But how is a Fogco industrial humidifier capable of delivering these important benefits?

It begins with the fogging or misting process. By creating an ultra-fine mist, the air can be cooled by 30 degrees or more and those tiny droplets absorb even tinier particles of dust and pollutants.

Fogco has a wide variety of standard and customizable products that are designed to provide significant benefits to your work environment. We also provide free design services to help you with your humidity, temperature and dust control issues.

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