Understanding the Fogco FogCannon™

May 22nd, 2018 | Posted by Gary Wintering

Understanding the Fogco FogCannon™Commercial and industrial dust suppression is serious business and clients need to know that the product by their side is going to get the job done. That’s where our latest product comes in: the FogCannon created by Fogco.

The Fogco FogCannon™ is specifically designed to control and suppress significant amounts of commercial and industrial dust.

It does so by administering extreme air velocity mixed with tiny droplets of water, which capture the dust, and bring it to the ground. The best part? It can work virtually anywhere, no matter the site, or scenario—both inside and out.

That’s because we offer the FogCannon in four different styles: Light Duty Heavy Duty, Extreme Duty, and Custom Duty. The “LD” is the most mobile, which works well on smaller projects and work zones. Then there’s the “HD,” a more powerful product that is fit for harsh environments like mines, quarries, or large waste transfer stations. It is also the most flexible of the FogCannons, with a number of available options, including modes for remote operation and full automated operation.

Next, there’s the Extreme Duty. This FogCannon is exclusively made for the most demanding job sites out there—if you don’t think the LD or HD are powerful enough, then the EX is the solution. It holds the same flexibility as the HD, and increases throw distances up to 500’. And finally, we have the Custom Duty, or “CD,” which allows any of the FogCannons mentioned to be equipped with options such as trailer mounting, extendable cantilever, independent water source, and/or electric generator. In other words, these units are completely autonomous, and self-sustaining.

If you’re still unsure about which Fogco FogCannon™ is right for your work site, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our experienced staff at Fogco will be able to evaluate your needs, and help you find the perfect product. Contact us today!