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Understanding the Fogco FogCannon™

By May 22, 2018February 21st, 2020No Comments

Understanding the Fogco FogCannon™

Understanding the Fogco FogCannon

Commercial and industrial dust suppression is serious business. Clients need to know that the product by their side is going to get the job done. The Fogco FogCannon is specifically designed to control and suppress significant amounts of commercial and industrial dust. It does so by administering extreme air velocity mixed with tiny droplets of water, which capture the dust and bring it to the ground. The best part? It can work virtually anywhere, no matter the site or scenario—both inside and outside.

The FogCannon is available in four high-performance styles: Light Duty, Heavy Duty, Extreme Duty, and Custom Duty. Read on to learn more about each FogCannon style, and which one will work best for your dust suppression needs depending on the size of your facility. 


Understanding the Difference Between the Fogco FogCannons

Light Duty FogCannon

The Light Duty FogCannon is the smallest Fogco FogCannon. Portable and simple to use, the Light Duty can span areas ranging from 50 feet to 130 feet, and is often used by those who need to rent a FogCannon for smaller jobs. If you’re looking for a FogCannon that’s easy to handle while taking care of dust suppression, look no further. 

Another unique feature on the Light Duty FogCannon is that the oscillation is a magnetic pin set where all you have to do is move the magnet in any 90-degree increment and it will rotate to that point.

Heavy Duty FogCannon

The Heavy Duty FogCannon takes dust suppression to the next level. It’s outfitted with heavy-duty components that can span up to 230 feet, along with a 340-degree horizontal oscillation. It comes standard with a pump, wheel set, and reinforced base. It also has an electronic vertical adjustment option that sets it apart from competitors. 

With three different nozzle ranges and independent nozzle rings, it won’t use more water than it absolutely has to in order to knock down dust, saving you money in the long run when it comes to water consumption. It can also function in just about any climate because it comes with the option of adding a heating system. It’s perfect for those working in mines, ports, steel mills, and more, and provides the automated operation you need to effectively deal with dust.

Extreme Duty FogCannon 

The Heavy Duty FogCannon is a specialty product, built to handle large-scale dust suppression projects. But if you find that you need something to deal with an even bigger dust issue, the Extreme Duty FogCannon is your best bet. It includes many of the same components as the Heavy Duty model, but is capable of throwing up to 500 feet, which amounts to about a football field and a half. Those who work in open-pit mining could benefit from a product like this. 

Custom Duty FogCannon

If your facility needs a slightly different dust suppression solution, we are capable of taking things one step further with a Custom Duty Fogco FogCannon. These FogCannons are self-sustaining autonomous units with independent generators, water supplies, and other features. These units can also be trailer mounted and can even include cantilever arms to elevate them. Custom Duty FogCannons are ideal for those who want something truly special on their worksite and need a product to be customized specifically for a job.

How to Implement Fogco FogCannons

Many companies are seeking solutions to stay ahead of the new regulations and standards enforced by local, state, and federal governing bodies. Traditional methods used in the past may not be the right answer for your unique application today. Fogco FogCannons have been widely accepted in several industries, including mining, demolition, waste industries, and material processing plants. 

Now, it is easier than ever to get access to a Fogco FogCannon when needed. While those who plan to use them regularly should still strongly consider purchasing, Fogco recently teamed up with the national equipment rental firm Herc Rental to give companies the option to rent versus buy. If renting is a more preferred option than purchasing, you can schedule a FogCannon rental directly through Herc Rental the next time you’re looking for a way to meet the OSHA and EPA regulations regarding dust suppression.

If you’re still unsure about which Fogco FogCannon™ is right for your work site, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our experienced staff at Fogco will be able to evaluate your needs and help you find the perfect product. CONTACT US TODAY!