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Dust Suppression System

Understanding the Difference Between the Fogco FogCannons

By June 22, 2018April 16th, 2020No Comments

Fogco FogCannonThe Fogco FogCannon™, a topic we touched on previously, helps Fogco to offer the broadest product line available on the market for dust suppression which includes the highest quality components and state of the art technology.

Fogco offers four high performance Fogcannons to provide the ultimate solution for total dust suppression, all of which work well in unique situations.

Each of the four FogCannons available through Fogco are capable of providing coverage for different size areas. Take a look at the details regarding our four Fogco FogCannon™ products below.

Light Duty

The light duty Fogco FogCannon™ is the smallest FogCannon available through Fogco. It’s the most mobile and simplest to use. It can provide you with throws ranging from 50 feet to 130 feet and is often used by those who need to rent a FogCannon for smaller jobs. If you’re looking for a FogCannon that’s easy to handle while taking care of dust suppression, look no further. Another unique feature on the light duty FogCannon is that the oscillation is a magnetic pin set where all you have to do is move the magnet in any 90 degree increment and it will rotate to that point.

Heavy Duty

The heavy duty option takes dust suppression to the next level. It’s outfitted with heavy duty components that will provide you with throws of up to 230 feet along with a 340 degree horizontal oscillation. It comes standard with a pump, a wheel set, and a reinforced base and has an electronic vertical adjustment options that sets it apart from competitors. With three different nozzle ranges and independent nozzle rings, it won’t use more water than it absolutely has to in order to knock down dust, saving you money in the long run with top efficiencies when it comes to water consumption. It can also function in just about any climate because it comes with the option of adding a heating system. It’s perfect for those working in mines, ports, steel mills, and more and will set you up with the automated operation you need to deal with dust more effectively.

Extreme Duty

As mentioned above, the heavy duty Fogco FogCannon™, a specialty product, is built to handle large-scale dust suppression projects. But if you find that you need something to deal with an even bigger dust issue, the extreme duty Fogco FogCannon™ is your best bet. It includes most of the same heavy duty components as the heavy duty model but is capable of throwing up to 500 feet, which amounts to about a football field and a half. Those who work in open-pit mining might benefit from a product like this. While a unit of this size might not be for everyone, Fogco has solutions for the most extreme applications.

Custom Duty

In addition to providing companies with light, heavy, and extreme duty FogCannons, Fogco is also capable of taking things one step further with a custom duty Fogco FogCannon™. These FogCannons are self-sustaining units that feature their own generator, their own water supply, and other features that make them autonomous. These units can also be trailer mounted and can even include cantilever arms to elevate them. They’re for those who want something truly special on their worksite and need a product to be customized specifically for a job.

Could your company benefit from utilizing a Fogco FogCannon™? Fogco would love to tell you more about the FogCannons that are for sale. Contact us today for more information.

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