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Dust Suppression System

Understanding Dust Suppression

By July 24, 2018February 16th, 2020No Comments

Dust Suppression with FogcoThere are many companies that work in industries that require the use of dust suppression systems. For almost three decades now, Fogco has teamed up with those working in construction, mining, demolition, waste management, and more to provide them with the broadest product line available on the market for dust suppression.

From line systems and nozzles to fog cannons, Fogco has a range of dust suppression products that can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Fogco’s dust suppression systems work by using high-pressure fog to contain dust particles floating through the air. The fog that is created with our systems is enough to push dust back down towards the ground and prevent it from turning into a problem. You won’t have to worry about dust inhalation or dust pollution when you have an indoor or outdoor dust suppression system from Fogco in place.

In order to control dust in an indoor facility, Fogco will install static overhead lines using a grid-like matrix that cover either an entire ceiling or the perimeter of a building. If additional treatment is needed at the source of the dust, we can either use our proprietary Revolution® series fog fan or our Fogco FogCannon™ to provide the building with superior coverage as we control the dust that is created. Both of these options are capable of putting out the high-pressure fog mist that is necessary for capturing dust and move it back towards the ground.

When controlling dust in an outdoor space, Fogco will use a slightly different approach and usually only relies on FogCannons. The FogCannons available through Fogco are capable of throwing fog anywhere from 50 to 450 feet, which makes them very effective as far as dust control is concerned. FogCannons can be set up in a stationary or mobile position depending upon your specific needs, and you can manage each FogCannon on a job site individually or control them all at once from a central control center. Either way, dust won’t stand a chance when FogCannons are throwing fog and knocking down the dust in the air.

Unlike other companies offering dust suppression systems, Fogco doesn’t offer just one single product line. We have both FogCannons and traditional products that allow us to personalize our dust suppression services based on your requirements. You’ll find real dust suppression solutions that work, regardless of whether you need dust suppression done inside of a smaller facility or outside in a 250,000 square foot space. Call Fogco at 800-607-6478 today to set up a free dust control consultation.

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