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Tips for Selecting the Best Industrial Cooling Fan for The Job

By July 30, 2016February 16th, 2020No Comments

Industrial fans offer a cooling option for a much lower cost than a commercial air conditioner. They can also be used to supplement the cooling effects of air conditioning. However, choosing the incorrect industrial cooling fan for the size of the space or the environmental conditions in the workplace can create more of a problem than a solution.

Options to Consider

The biggest problem with most types of industrial fans is that they are designed only to move the air, which means that they also move all types of dust and debris in the air. Larger fans are also going to increase the amount of dust, pollen and contaminants in the environment, which can have a real impact on quality of air within a confined area. This is true even with large warehouse or processing areas.

To avoid this issue with traditional types of industrial cooling fan designs, incorporating a mist or fog system into the fan provides additional cooling as well as effective dust and airborne particle removal. Fogco offers several different fog fans and misting systems that are ideal for any workplace.

The fan provides air movement in the direction required, but with the higher humidity generated from the fog or mist system, particles in the air are weighted down and drop out of the stream of air, creating a healthier and less problematic work environment.

Cooling Potential

Another option to consider is the increased cooling possibilities with fans that incorporate a fog or mist system, such as our indoor and outdoor mist systems. By controlling the humidity levels in the air, you can create more cooling potential throughout both small and large enclosed spaces. These systems move the air as well as add moisture using computerized systems to keep humidity in tightly controlled ranges.

With the ability to carefully control the humidity levels through the system, there is the option to create the perfect environmental conditions based on the use of the facility and the materials stored in the building. The various types of systems can be configured for large open spaces such as warehouses or work floors as well as smaller confined spaces such as production areas or storage rooms within buildings.

Choosing the right industrial cooling fan takes more than just selecting between styles and options. Carefully considering all the environmental factors of your space and the possible features that can enhance cooling ability as well as increase the air quality in the room are also important factors to keep in mind for any application.

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