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Temperature & Humidity Control System

Tips for Choosing the Correct Humidity Controller

By August 3, 2016February 16th, 2020No Comments

In the past, controlling humidity was a challenge because hygrometers were independent of any control system requiring constant monitoring and manual adjustments to increase or decrease the amount of moisture content in the air. Hygrometers also tended to be inaccurate, at least until the technology was available to create amazingly accurate sensors and controllers.

Today, Fogco offers a completely automated humidity controller microprocessor that is able to both complete the measurement of the moisture content in the air and then automatically signal the system to adjust. This works exactly like the relay of electronic information and signals between a thermostat and a heater or air conditioner.

The Advantage

With our revolutionary humidity controller in place, your system can be set and maintained for humidity levels in a specific zone. These systems can also have an external sensor that can be wired into the system, allowing the controller and the sensor to be in different locations and still communicate.

The system itself has two output relays and comes complete with a fully programmable delay start and stop. This allows the system to be set for your specific needs with the option to reconfigure the system as required as often as needed.

High Humidity Options

There are two different options for our humidity sensors. One is for use in environments where the humidity will be maintained at a level of ten to seventy percent. This will provide control for the vast majority of environments but we also offer a high humidity sensor as well. Using the standard sensor in a high humidity environment will cause damage to the microchip due to condensation buildup on the sensor unit of the chip. The high humidity sensor is recommended where the humidity levels will need to exceed seventy percent. The unit is designed with a specialized filter to protect the microchip, even in very high humidity environments.

Our systems can be used in greenhouses or other types of applications where humidity levels may reach as high as 97%. These sensors, even at this humidity, will be accurate to plus or minus 2%, which is considered one of the most accurate available today.

As with all of our products, Fogco humidity controller units are fully compatible with all of our fan systems. We also sell a full line of accessories for our sensors, controllers and systems, including shielded cable, pin connectors and conductor cable, providing you with everything you need to complete the installation.

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