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Misting System Nozzles

The Misting Nozzle – The Secret Behind the Power of a Misting System

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Misting systems are used to cool outdoor spaces. They are used in all sorts of industries and for all kinds of purposes. Fogco is a top manufacturer of misting systems for industrial, commercial and residential use. Our systems are used to ensure comfort of visitors in public venues, to keep patrons in commercial establishments cool, and are also used in industrial plants and for agriculture applications.

Adding Moisture to Warm Air Creates a Mist
One of the most important components of a cooling system is the misting nozzle. All misting systems are comprised of a series of nozzles placed in a line. When attached to a high pressure pump, water is forced through the nozzles forming droplets which evaporate into a mist when they reach the outdoor air. This can reduce the temperature in the area surrounding the mister, by up to 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit. If the misting system is indoors, in a confined area, it will provide a cool mist, but will also increase humidity in the space.

Types of Nozzles in Misting Systems
Nozzles come in two varieties, impellar and impingement. Impellar nozzles are the most common misting nozzles used for residential and commercial applications. This style of nozzle uses a barrel shaped rotor which controls the flow and pressure of the water being forced through the nozzle orifice. The water is reduced to tiny drops which burst through the openings in the nozzle creating tiny droplets that form a cooling mist. Impingement nozzles produce a straighter stream of water and are typically only used for specialty applications. Fogco is your source for the misting system nozzles you need.

Some Nozzles are Easier to Clean Than Others
There are cleanable and non-cleanable impellar mister nozzles. The cleanable nozzle has an impellar that can be removed from the nozzle in order to flush the system with cleaning solution to unplug any blocked orifice. These nozzles are also equipped with a special piece that ensures it does not drip every time it is turned off. Non-cleanable nozzles cannot be taken apart to clean and therefore, do not usually last as long.

Fogco can answer any questions you may have the nozzles best suited for your residential or commercial misting system. They have more than 25 years’ experience in the industry and can also suggest the misting solution that’s right for you.

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