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Temperature & Humidity Control System

The Importance of a Quality Temperature and Humidity Controller

By June 13, 2016February 16th, 2020No Comments

Many people may wonder about the importance of having a temperature and humidity controller at work in their business. Just why is exerting control over temperature and humidity so important? As it turns out, these two factors can make or break the outcomes in a number of industries – which is why Fogco’s systems are critical to the success of our customers.

Paper Production and Storage

If there’s one product that’s particularly sensitive to humidity and temperature, it’s paper. Paper mills and storage facilities must have a reliable temperature and humidity controller system in place to ensure that the paper stays in a cool area, where it’s in equilibrium with the temperature and relative humidity of the air around it – otherwise, the paper can present problems when it’s being used in printing applications.

Printing Facilities

It’s just as important to control temperature and humidity in a printing facility as it is in the facilities where the paper is manufactured. Paper absorbs the moisture in the air, so the ink used for printing will not dry properly in a facility where moisture content is high due to heat and humidity. Very low humidity in winter is just as much a problem – 45-55% relative humidity is generally the ideal operating range. This is where our custom designed systems and proprietary line of humidification fans provide assistance.

Textile Plants

In the processing of textiles, the importance of humidity control cannot be overstated. Ignoring this critical aspect of production can lead to halts in production, damaged machinery – even injury of employees. Not only does humidity affect the quality of the textiles being produced, low humidity can also lead to static discharges. Even though these discharges are very uncomfortable – not fatal in and of themselves – they can lead to falls into machinery or a health risks to those with weak hearts or pace makers. Plus, low humidity encourages airborne lint and dust to fill the air, making for an unhealthy work environment.


Of course, controlling the temperature and humidity levels in greenhouses is critical to the survival of what is growing inside. Optimal climate control is paramount to caring for plants – most are extremely temperamental and significant damage can occur when consistent temperature and humidity levels are not maintained. Our Desert Fog® Fans and custom designed systems are perfect for this application, no matter the needs of your plants or crops.

Our over 25 years of experience ensure that Fogco fans provide the ultimate in temperature and humidity controller needs, in order to keep businesses running smoothly.

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