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Misting System Nozzles

The Essential Differences In Mister Nozzles

By May 29, 2017February 16th, 2020No Comments

At Fogco, we pay attention to each component of our mister systems. This means that we design the pumps, the tubing and the mister nozzles to integrate fully with our systems. They can also be used with your existing system to create a fine, even mist for cooling and humidification.

We have many different nozzle options to provide the right types of mist for industrial, commercial and residential misting systems. We only use brass or stainless steel in our nozzles which allows for durability, effective droplet size production and low maintenance requirements.

Brass Nozzles

Brass is used in many different types of plumbing fixtures because it is durable, resists corrosion and it will not rust. There is a slight patina that can form on brass that is similar to what is seen on copper. However, this is just a very thin surface layer of corrosion that can take years to develop, if it develops at all.
Our brass nozzles have a stainless steel insert, so there is no corrosion at all on the inside of the nozzle. We offer a range of sizes to accommodate different flow rates. Our mister nozzles also have different spray patterns from sixty to ninety degrees to provide the right coverage needed.

Cleanable Nozzles

In addition to the standard mister nozzles, we also offer cleanable nozzles. These are available in brass or stainless steel. They have an anti-drip adapter included and provide everything needed for installation.

Both the standard impellar types of nozzles as well as the cleanable nozzles in stainless steel or brass are available in custom sizes. Since not all systems are the same and our nozzles are used with other misting systems; we also offer extensions, swivel fittings, and multi-thread adapters to make upgrading easy.

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