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The Cost Benefits To Adding A Mist Cooling System

By July 3, 2017February 16th, 2020No Comments

While we focus on both residential and industrial misting and fogging systems, the majority of our large projects are completed for commercial or industrial applications. These systems are typically custom designed to provide an effective and efficient cooling system that is also instrumental in dust control and humidification.

When companies are considering their options for temperature control in an inside or outdoor space, our Fogco mist cooling system designs offer several important cost benefits to consider. By taking a closer look at how these systems can save your business money, we know you will be confident in making us your go-to supplier.

Simple Design

While we have the ability to make the most complex systems for industries, our mist cooling system focus is to keep the design as simple and efficient as possible. We provide the full system from the nozzles to the pumps that are tested and proven to work in the most demanding workplace environments.

As we carefully select each component, we are able to ensure quality in the design. We plan carefully for installation, using the building or workplace configuration to our advantage which helps to lower the cost of installation.

Low Maintenance and Replacement Costs

The use of our mist cooling system will save you time and money in maintenance and parts replacement. With our robotic welding system, argon purged stainless steel fog lines, brass or brass and stainless nozzles and performance pumps; our systems are designed to run for years.

Better Control

With Fogco fogging and misting systems, you have the ability to control the humidity in any space within your desired range. This saves you money by being operational in the right processing environment, storing and maintaining equipment and materials in ideal conditions.

We also provide troubleshooting on the system if you have any problems, just give us a call, and we can walk you through the repair quickly, efficiently and with the experience of our knowledgable staff.

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