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Odor & Dust Control Systems

Subdue Your Dust Problems with Fogco Dust Control Systems

By August 23, 2016February 16th, 2020No Comments

Fogco’s dust control systems allow you to not only control the air quality of your environment but to also minimize the amount of dust particles present in both indoor and outdoor workspaces.

Like a Sweet Spring Rain

Dust particles are attracted to and absorbed by the water droplets in the fog produced by the Fogco misting systems. Like a sweet spring rain, these systems assist with dust control for particles PM 10 and smaller. The air in these treated environments is not only cleaner and healthier, it is actually drastically safer with reduced odors.

Indoor and Outdoor Workspace Coverage

With the Spraystream portable unit, a wall-mounted unit, and even a fully self-supporting operation version capable of running on its own for up to 5 hours at a time, there is truly a solution to fit every commercial and industrial environment and every need. From Waste Transfer Stations to construction sites, from recycling environments to rock quarries, from mining operations to demolition spaces, Fogco offers appropriate dust control solutions.

The idea of the “fog cannon”, simply put, is that there is a massive and targeted column of mist surrounded by a powerful airstream instead of being limited to an overhead misting system. With this weapon at your disposal, dust control can be achieved in the most challenging environments.

A Revolutionary Approach

With its Revolution series of products, Fogco has created a misting system capable of attracting and thereby controlling dust particles using a “fog” concept. Rather than simply relying on a static line delivery, the Revolution products allow for the delivery of the mist or “fog” in a way that reduces the breathable dust from .1 to 1,000 microns and uses a broader fog distribution methodology.

Additional Benefits

By using Fogco dust control systems in your workplace environments, you improve the overall air quality, reduce odors and contaminants, and limit the amount of dust you and your workers breathe. Given the risks of not cleaning the air, this is a relatively inexpensive way to improve worker safety and improving the overall environment while having the added benefit of assisting with climate and humidity controls.

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