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Temperature & Humidity Control System

Recognizing Your Needs In A Temperature And Humidity Controller

By July 10, 2017June 22nd, 2023No Comments

One of the advantages of working with Fogco is that we are the manufacturers of our misting, fog, and humidification systems for both residential and commercial/industrial applications. This allows you to take advantage of our expertise and our in-depth understanding of each component of our system to get an ideal custom design for your patio, deck or industrial facility, be it indoor or outdoor.

Perhaps the least considered component of any system is the temperature and humidity controller that will be used to manage and operate the system. We offer several options to provide just what our customers want and need.

The first step, however, is for you to think about what you need with regard to humidity and temperature control. By understanding how you need to adjust the system as well as how precise the humidity has to be you can choose the best and most cost-effective option.


Different types of our temperature and humidity controller units are ideal for greenhouses, production, storage or other types of humidity and temperature control needs. As the temperature of the air will have an impact on the humidity range, controlling them in unison provides greater efficiency.

Our temperature and humidity controller has a stated range, and we also provide information on the accuracy of the controller. This is very important in greenhouses or in applications where specific humidity and temperature is required in production or processing.

Control Operations

With our advanced type of controller, the Blueprint Digital Atmosphere Controller, it is possible to pre-set programmable ranges and features. This allows for very precise control of temperatures, humidity, and even CO2 levels.

We also have models that offer an internal sensor or the option to use an external sensor. The external sensor can be used to ensure precise control of the condition throughout the facility and not just at the control unit itself.

Understanding what you want and need is important to our team. We can always discuss your options and give you the information needed to choose the right controller for your needs.

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