Evolution Mini Humidification Fan 12 VDC

SKU: 93000


This mini version of the Evolution does not include the ‘cannon’ shaped housing so it allows for a quicker absorption of the fog compared to the projection that is capable with the standard Evolution.

Because of this characteristic, the Evo Mini is better suited for low ceiling or confined area applications. Due to the low noise level and the low profile design, the Evo Mini humidification fan can be used in office or warehouse environments.

It utilizes a 12VDC fan and will require the use of a 12VDC power supply (at least 6 watts per fan).

The Evo Mini includes a stainless steel nozzle fitting and will accept any of the Fogco standard or cleanable nozzles. The unit is designed for a single misting nozzle but multiple nozzle configurations are also available if increased moisture is required.

The Evo Mini has a unique push in electrical connection that allows for multiple units to be connected in sequence.

The unit is designed to be wall mounted and includes the necessary brackets. Once mounted, the humidification fan can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically.