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Product Description

This Blueprint Digital Atmosphere Controller (BDAC) will allow automatic control of the humidity and temperature levels within your facility based on the programmed settings. The controller includes an external sensor with a 15′ instrumentation cable.

The unit will plug into any standard 115V 15 amp receptacle and will provide a 115V start signal on one of four available outlets. The unit also includes a 24VAC plug in transformer that can be used to change the 115V start signal to a 24V start signal. The controller provides a 14.5 maximum amp load and includes a 5 year lithium battery to hold all programmed settings in the event of a power failure.

This controller will provide automated operation of any fog system. The humidity settings range from 35% to 99% with a hysteresis range between 2% and 20% and an accuracy of +/- 3%. The temperature settings range from 40 degrees to 99 degrees with a hysteresis range between .1 degree to 4.5 degrees with an accuracy of =/- 1 degree.

The controller also provides a ‘night output’ for ‘green lighting’ control. The ‘night output’ is controlled by the photocell in the remote sensor.

This microprocessor can also control the CO2 conditions within the facility by setting the controller in one of two different CO2 operating modes. This function can also be used as a standard on/off cycle timer.

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