Spraystream Fog Cannon: Dust Suppression and Odor Control System

Spraystream Fog Cannon: Dust Suppression and Odor Control System

The Spraystream ‘fog cannon’ provides advanced technology that effectively suppresses dust and odor and are engineered to industrial standards for use in the most extreme commercial and industrial environments.

The SprayStream products provide a column of air that exits the ‘cannon’ at high velocity carrying the fog along with it. This fog infused column can travel distances in excess of 150 feet. Applications include Waste Transfer Stations, Recycling Plants, Mining Operations, Rock Quarries, Building Demolition, Steel and Slag Facilities, and Construction Sites.

The Spraystream product range and include a variety of sizes and component options including pole and wall mount units, portable cart units, and the completely self contained trailer unit that includes a generator, a tank, and pump mounted on a road worthy trailer. All Spraystream units are available in a variety of voltages and different product features including oscillation, variable frequency drives, and chemical injectors.

Wall Mount
The wall mount units include the fog cannon housing with a high velocity fan assembly, a 230V or 460V 3ph motor and a stainless steel fog ring with nozzles. The unit can be equipped with an oscillating assembly allowing up to 270 degree coverage of up to 70,000 square feet. Flows up to 19 gallons per minute can be achieved based on the number and size of nozzles.

The portable versions of the Spraystream include the same fog cannon assembly as the wall mount version except it is mounted on a portable trolley and can be moved within the facility from location to location as needed. Oscillation is avaialble on some models. As with the wall mount units, the portable versions include a variety of sizes to fit different applications and needs at different facilities.

Self Supporting
The Spraystream range also includes a self-contained unit that provides a water tank, a gas powered generator, a 20 foot telescoping fog cannon, a high pressure pump controlled by a variable frequency drive motor, and a programmable logic controller. All of the equipment is mounted on a multi axle trailer. This product provides truly portable use and can operate independently for up to 5 hours.

The specification pages for the Spraystream products can be found on the Downloads page

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