60Hz Climate Control System

60Hz Climate Control System

The Fogco 60 HZ ICC mist system is a 1000 psi all inclusive climate control system that monitors both temperature and humidity levels based on programmable set points and will automatically operate the system as needed.

The system includes the direct drive misting pump, the 2 zone FOGCOntroller microprocessor with remote sensor, 50′ of instrumentation cable, a low flow pump, low water safety switch, electric drain valve, thermal relief valve, inlet solenoid, pulsation dampener, glycerin filled pressure gauge, and separate control box to house the electronics all mounted on a rust proof powder coated base plate.

The mist pump also includes a filter assembly with a canister, a cartridge, and the necessary tubing and fittings to connect from the water supply to the pump inlet. This pump carries a 5 year warranty.

The pump can be used with a static line mist system or it can incorporate the Fogco ‘air assist’ Revolution, Revolution II, or Evolution. The unit is outdoor rated for continuous duty.

For additional information, click on the product description below. If you need something added to the pump or if a custom mist pump is needed, please contact Fogco Customer Service at 480 507 6478 or just fill in the Drop Us A Line contact form in the right hand margin.