EXTREME Product Range

EXTREME Product Range

The EX Product range is the largest platform Fogco Fogcannon™ range. It includes cannons capable of providing throws from 360′ to 500′.

The EX units are available with a pole stand mounted on a heavy duty reinforced steel base. This range provides state of the art technology and an extensive list of options. The highest quality components and the most durable FogCannon product line on the market makes this range the preferred choice for the most extreme applications.

The EX 360 Pole is the smallest of the EX range. The pole mounted version weighs 2975 lbs and has dimensions of 59″ L x 67″ W x 117″H. The unit provides a maximum throw of 360′.

The EX 500 Base is currently the largest FogCannon offered. The unit is mounted on a heavy duty steel base and weighs 6100 lbs with dimensions of 126″ L x 102″ W x 102″ H. The unit provide a maximum throw of 500′

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