Humidity Controllers: Humidity Control Systems

Humidity Controllers: Humidity Control Systems

Fogco’s humidity and temperature controllers are all proprietary in design. They have been developed by Fogco specifically for cooling and humidification control using a misting system.

The FOGCOntroller II is a single zone controller with 2 separate single pole/double throw relays with programmable delay start/stop. This unit can be operated with the internal sensor or it can be connected to one of our external sensors if remote monitoring is required. This controller requires a 24 VAC power supply.

Fogco also offers a Blueprint Digital Atmosphere Controller (BDAC). This controller provides some additional functionality and is considered an alternative to the FOGCOntroller II for specific applications. All product specifics can be found on the BDAC product page.

Fogco has also developed a line of plug-and-play remote controls designed to be used for any motor up to 2 HP at 115V and 3 HP at 230V. The Universal Remote Control (URC) range is available in a 15 amp and 20 amp version for both 115V and 230V systems. These units provide automated operation of the misting system from a remote location up to 150 feet away. Additional transmitters/receivers can be used to control other pump functions.

The remote control unit comes with a key fob transmitter and wireless receiver (in one of 5 available rf channels), and a motor start contactor mounted in an outdoor rated enclosure. The remote control includes a 6 foot power cord and a female receptacle (for plugging the pump directly into the remote control box).

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