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Misting System Fans

Portable Misting Fans Help You Keep Your Cool

By September 25, 2015February 16th, 2020No Comments

A warm summer day is the perfect time to be outdoors enjoying yourself. The only downside to summer is that some days are just too hot if you are out in the sun’s direct heat. You may have sought the instant cooling relief of a portable misting fan on the patio of your favorite restaurant, but have you ever considered using a portable misting fan in your own backyard?

How Does a Misting fan Work?
A misting fan is comprised of a water supply, tubing and special nozzles. Many larger misting fans also have a high pressure pump. Water is pushed through the nozzles and enters the air as droplets which evaporate when the exterior heat touches them. This forms a light mist.

Common Places You’ll Find Misting Fans
There are many commercial establishments and businesses that use portable misting fans during the summer to keep their patrons cool. Fogco supplies commercial and industrial cooling systems to venues where large numbers gather. Theme parks, resorts, major sporting venues and golf courses are common locations where you will often find misting systems.

Great for Special Events or Everyday use
Some Fogco portable misting fans come with a stand that allows them to be conveniently moved from one place to another. They are great for special occasions such as family reunions, outdoor wedding receptions and backyard barbecues. They are also wonderful for a company picnic, school fundraiser or your child’s sports tournament.

Determining a Misting Fan That is Right for You
There are many things to consider when purchasing outdoor misting fans. First, how large is the space you wish to cover? Is it a simple backyard deck area where your family dines? Do you entertain often? What’s the average size of your group? High pressure misting systems are generally used for commercial and industrial purposes, whereas smaller versions are available for use to cool the average backyard patio.

The experts at Fogco can help you determine the size of misting fan to suit your needs. We have cool mist fans that are portable and are great for moving around on your deck or patio. Enjoy the cooling effects of a misting fan all summer long. Friends and guests will thank you when they can keep themselves cool in the summer heat.