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Misting System Nozzles

Misting Nozzles

By June 25, 2013March 5th, 2024No Comments

Advancements in Mist Nozzle Design

Fogco is pleased to introduce a new range of misting nozzles. Besides the standard nozzles which have been offered for over 2 decades with a proven performance record, we now provide an upgraded option to the nozzle range called Cleanable Nozzle. This mist nozzle is designed to be completely taken apart to gain access to the nozzle interior thereby allowing for removal of small debris as well as calcium or dissolved solids build up.

With the traditional misting nozzle, removing obstructions from the interior was difficult at best, and only successful in improving the nozzle performance about 50% of the time. This meant that once the nozzles spray pattern was distorted, the nozzle usually had to be discarded and replaced.

Cleanable Mist Nozzles

With the new cleanable mist nozzle, the internal impellar can be removed and the body can be easily cleaned or blown out using compressed air and usually results in improving the nozzles spray pattern over 955 of the time. In most cases, the nozzle spray pattern is returned to its original performance.

In addition, this new range of misting nozzles includes the anti-drip body and assembly which eliminates the need to buy these components (as is required to upgrade the standard nozzle). The Cleanable Nozzle range comes standard in sizes from .006″ to .020″ and is available in larger sizes on a custom order basis. The Cleanable Nozzles are available in Brass/Stainless Steel or all Stainless Steel.

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