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Misting Cooling Systems

Mist Cooling Systems Keeping Livestock Populations Healthy and Happy

By June 10, 2014February 16th, 2020No Comments

We’ve discussed various aspects of mist cooling systems in previous posts here on the FogCo blog. In warmer regions of the country, people will soon be doing whatever they can to beat the heat as the summer season progresses. Especially on a bright, sunny day, a misting tent can be a lifesaver at large outdoor gatherings.

It’s not only humans who can benefit from misting systems designed to provide heat relief. As this article published by the Southeast Farm Press discusses, a sprinkler system that delivers a consistent spray of cool water droplets is being used to keep entire livestock populations from across the country healthy and happy.

Hot and humid weather conditions can create the same negative health impacts in animals as they can in human beings. Agriculture and livestock experts have developed a livestock heat stress index, which is used to notify farmers that extreme temperature and humidity will conspire to create unhealthy conditions for livestock. When the dew point temperature reaches above 65 degrees Fahrenheit, farmers in these areas are quickly warned.

Remaining considerate of the health of livestock can help farmers keep veterinarian costs down. High temperatures and humidity can create a “double whammy” effect that quickly dehydrates an animal, and it can be tough to tell when a pig or horse needs more water. Keeping an animal from moving much and exerting much force is a good start, but keeping the livestock well misted on their skin will keep their bodies from having to produce sweat to keep their internal temperature down.

Here at FogCo, we develop misting and cooling products, which are designed for human users. However, we’ve seen dogs and other animals enjoy the sensation that occurs when they get hit with that cool spray. If you want to give your family a fun new way to enjoy the outdoors this summer, or you have a family reunion to prepare for, FogCo’s misting system kits have everything you need to set up your backyard misting station today.

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