FOGCO mist systems and misting pumps have become standard equipment for all greenhouse climate control applications. This environmental control system can have a dramatic effect on greenhouse productivity.

Humidity Control

Greenhouse productivity can be dependent on a number of factors and although the Fogco misting system cannot control or affect all variables, it does have a positive impact by regulating the temperature, humidity and moisture content within the greenhouse.

The capabilities if these mist systems will improve productivity and increase the health of the plants within the greenhouse. It accomplishes this by eliminating ‘plant water stress’ which is a primary factor in the growth of all plants.

Since plants lose their moisture through evaporation from the leaves, and since they gather carbon needed for growth in the form of carbon dioxide through the leaves, controlling the plants pores through the use of a properly designed misting system is critical to the plants overall health. A properly designed and installed misting system will provide strong healthy plants with optimum growth potential.

Fog systems are also a versatile means of introducing introduce fertilizers (or sanitizers) by injecting nutrients through the mist system directly into the atmosphere where it is absorbed by the leaves of the plant.

Greenhouse Humidity Control System

The Revolution Series is one of many Fogco innovations in climate control. It is designed specifically for greenhouse humidification and cooling needs. The Revolution provides better coverage and more effective humidification compared to a traditional static line mist systems.

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