Cannabis Production Issues

With the recent developments surrounding medical marijuana, there is a growing need for solutions to resolve some of the challenges associated with large scale cannabis propagation. Although the needs vary from facility to facility, they include effective odor control; humidification for flowering rooms, curing rooms, and drying rooms; and disinfecting and sterilization of maturing flowering plants. In all these cases, high pressure fog systems are an ideal means to address these issues.

Cannabis Odor Control

Due to the pungent odor associated with the flowering of the cannabis plant, in order to maintain their license, many grow facilities have a mandated requirement to provide an effective method of odor control. In most states, the odor must be prevented from escaping outside the facility.

Charcoal filter systems have traditionally been used and when properly designed and installed, they can be effective. However, they can also be expensive and time consuming to maintain.

Over the last 30 years, Fogco has developed an effective means of odor control. By injecting our proprietary blend of all natural and bio degradable ingredients into our high pressure fog system, we provide billions of atomized droplets that attach to and eliminate noxious odors, including the pungent odor associated with flowering marijuana plants. This is not a masking effort. It eliminates the molecules that contain the odor.

Cannabis Humidification

Some marijuana grow facilities require increased humidity levels during the various stages of propagation and harvest. When adding humidity in large open areas during the flowering stage, a traditional line system or one of our proprietary Fog Fan products can be used.

The drying and curing processes will usually be in smaller more confined areas. For maintaining slightly elevated humidity levels during these stages of the harvesting process, our cannabis humidifier, Evolution Mini is a perfect solution.

Cannabis Cooling

As cannabis grow facilities expand throughout the country and around the world, effective climate control is becoming a bigger challenge.  In areas where the summer months can be too hot to allow for productive growth within a facility, an efficient means of cooling is needed.  The Fogco high pressure misting system is the answer.  With operating costs that are a fraction of traditional air conditioning, and with effectiveness that exceeds most evaporative cooling options, these systems are becoming more and more popular as a means of maintaining ideal temperatures within the grow facility.

Cannabis Disinfecting and Sterilizing

Two of the most devastating developments for a grow facility are the development of fungus or the presence of pests. This can be especially concerning during the critical flowering stage of the plant. In some cases, this can result in a product that is not suitable for medical use.

The unique characteristics of the Fogco system, a dense fog with billions of micron sized droplets, allows complete penetration of the entire canopy of the flowering plant. The result is total coverage of all leaves and buds in a matter of seconds.

By incorporating our proprietary FDA approved solution, a completely safe and extremely effective means of pest and mold/mildew elimination is achieved. As an alternative, de-ionized water mixed with Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) can be used.

Conditions for greenhouse operations vary and are different from requirements for warehouse style facilities. Contact our Customer Service Department to discuss you particular needs and allow us to design a system that addresses your specific requirements.