Mist & Fog Systems by Industry

Fogco has been in business since 1989, serving residential, commercial, and industrial markets with innovative mist and fog products. The applications vary widely, including industries such as waste management, horticulture, printing, textiles, cannabis cultivation, and greenhouse applications. Learn more about how misting systems can be used in these industries below.

Cannabis Production

Many industries must comply with strict odor control regulations, and cannabis production is no different. Having a reliable cannabis odor control system is a must for all cannabis grow facilities, as the plants emit strong odors during the flowering stage. However, cannabis production also depends on humidification, cooling, disinfection, sterilization, and more to ensure a profitable final product. Fogco offers effective solutions for cannabis odor control and humidification, allowing cannabis grow facilities to provide customers with high-quality products, while keeping in line with local and federal regulations.

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Greenhouse Climate Control

Plant production depends greatly on temperature and humidification levels. That’s why humidification systems are commonly used in greenhouses, giving growers the ability to control temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, lighting, and much more. Fogco’s greenhouse climate control systems give you the power to control every aspect of your greenhouse environment, ensuring that plants receive essential nutrients and remain strong throughout the production process. 

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Waste & Recycling Odor Control

Industries including waste transfer stations, cannabis grow facilities, and outdoor waste treatment facilities take great lengths to control the production of odor. In most cases, businesses like this are required to do so by state and federal governments — and if an odor control system fails, they may encounter hefty fines. Unpleasant odors can also be harmful to people and animals in surrounding areas. Fogco offers industrial odor control systems for indoor and outdoor areas, ensuring that all odor is totally eliminated without harming surrounding people or equipment. 

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You’ve worked hard to maintain a beautiful outdoor area at your home, and it’s possible to enjoy it no matter how high the thermostat rises. Residential misting systems produce tiny water droplets that cool down hot air without added wetness. Residential outdoor misting fans can be used to keep patios, outdoor pools, and backyards cool and comfortable, even when the humidity and temperature reach uncomfortable levels. 

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Construction & Demolition

When assembling or disassembling homes or buildings, construction and demolition teams produce large amounts of dust. This dust can be harmful not just to construction and demolition workers, but also to people and animals in surrounding areas. That’s why it is essential that these teams employ construction site misting and demolition water misting systems. These systems propel micron-sized water droplets into the air to grab onto dust particles, and prevent dust from causing issues at the work site. 

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When numerous miners are working in active mines, dust is produced at a very quick rate. And because mines are relatively enclosed areas, a little bit of dust can quickly cause a lot of issues. Miners run the risk of breathing in harmful dust, making the work site inoperable. Misting systems are very effective for the mining industry, as they can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas. Misting systems propel tiny water droplets into the air, which capture dust and bring it back to the ground, making mining sites more productive and much safer.

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At Fogco, our team has many years of experience installing custom-made misting systems for a variety of clients employed by various industries. Our team can help clients select misting systems, such as Fogco FogCannons or pumps, that will be the most effective for their particular needs. Once you have chosen the misting system for your business or residence, our team will custom- design and produce each system, and will also install it on your property. 

Do you need a custom indoor or outdoor misting system installed at your industrial, residential, or commercial area? Our team is standing by, ready to help. Contact us online or call us at 800-607-6478 for a quote. Our team will walk you through our process, and help you learn more about creating a quality custom misting system.