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Misting System Fans

Improve Outdoor Dining with Cool Mist Fans

By November 3, 2015February 16th, 2020No Comments

Cooling an outdoor patio space is easier than ever with cool mist fans. There are, mister kits for do-it-yourself installation. Kits include the pump, water container, hose, connectors and nozzles to direct the radius of the mister. There are so many commercial and even residential demands for mist fans that it’s easy to find the right system for an individual or business owner’s needs. Whatever the size of your project, a commercial water mist system can be customized to deliver cooling temperatures.

It Must be Water Droplets

To maximize the effectiveness of cool mist fans depends on the air temperature, humidity levels and the air exchange rate. The optimum efficiency of a mist system requires a heat temperature above 80 degrees Fahrenheit and a low humidity level below 50%. With a constant air exchange rate a mister will quickly cool an area without raising the humidity levels. More and more commercial establishments are installing misters. Theme Parks, Zoos, city centers and public gardens understand the value and conservation benefits of regulating water resources.

Mister Kits

Misters are not just for commercial establishments, residential uses for cool mist fans are on the rise. There are portable, free standing, handheld, oscillating mister fans in many makes and models. Indoor and outdoor misters that plug into standard electric outlets or battery operated. Everyone can enjoy the benefits associated with a cooling misting system. Fogco is a commercial manufacturer of all types of water mist systems. We stock a variety of water mist kits or we can design a system for business or home use.

Cool and Conserve

Residential owners invest a sizeable amount of their income to landscape and beautify their outdoor living spaces. Patios and decks are designed as an extension of the family room and are ideal for entertaining friends and neighbors. Protecting that investment is important and there are many water systems that can reduce the heat and beautify your garden landscape without raising your water bill. Don’t let the sun scorch your patio furnishings, lawn or flower beds,

Fogco can install the right misting system to return your outdoor patio to a cool enjoyable experience.

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