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Odor & Dust Control Systems

How Effective Is Your Current Dust Suppression System?

By April 29, 2017February 16th, 2020No Comments

At Fogco, we talk to a lot of different plant managers, safety officers, as well as teams and companies looking for effective dust suppression systems. Many of the people we talk to have existing systems in place that are simply not getting the job done.

We offer an industrial option for dust suppression both within buildings and in outdoor areas. Our systems are in use in a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing operations and provide not only control of airborne dust and particulate matter, but also reduce odors from processing and treatment.

To determine if it is time to upgrade to one of our industrial dust suppression systems, think about the following issues with your current system.

Dust Removal

Does your system actually remove the dust from the air or just move it around in the air? With our dust suppression systems, the fine mist, which is just 10 microns in size, creates a fog. The dust in the air is trapped by that tiny droplet and falls to the floor. This applies to particles in the air from 0.1 to 1000 microns, literally capturing and removing the dust.


While many of our systems for dust suppression are mounted in the ceilings of either the indoor or outdoor areas, we also provide flexible and portable options as well.

Our revolutionary fog cannon, the Spraystream, can be wall mounted or used on a cart or trailer for indoor and outdoor applications. This provides a directed column of mist that can travel up to 150 feet in any direction you require. This is an ideal option when large spaces and significant odor and dust control is a priority.

Compare our dust suppression options to your current system; we are confident you will see the advantage with Fogco. Give us a call at 800-607-6478 to discuss the dust suppression system that is right for you.

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