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Misting Cooling Systems

Using High-Pressure Misting Systems for Effective Odor Control

By July 4, 2016January 29th, 2024No Comments
odor control misting systems

High-pressure misting systems, sometimes referred to as fog systems, have quietly become some of the most effective and economically viable means of odor control. These products work to actually remove the molecules in the air that cause odor, as opposed to other solutions that simply mask bad odors. 

Misting systems can control odor problems such as microbial decomposition (commonly found in solid waste treatment facilities), animal waste (as found in poultry, hog, and cattle producing facilities), and other noxious volatile compounds (including restaurant grease traps). They are also extremely beneficial for cannabis grow industries

Features of High-Pressure Misting Systems

High-pressure misting systems work by forcing plain water through a specialized type of nozzle to create micron water droplets, releasing them into the air. These droplets attract particles, adding weight to them so they will sink to the ground and can then be effectively removed. Chemical injectors introduce a neutralizing solution into the water supply, allowing high-pressure misting systems to eliminate any type of nuisance odor.

A quality high-pressure misting system will include a collection of clusters, adaptors, and extensions that allow for more options when you are designing your mist system. Misting fans can also integrate air streams into the fog produced by the misting system. This helps the droplets cover a wider area for efficiency and a more uniform distribution throughout the area of use. All of these features improve odor control effectiveness.

Indoor Odor Control

In an indoor environment, high-pressure fog systems can be installed by adding nozzle rings on existing ductwork or fans, creating a matrix that covers the entire workspace or running lines along the perimeter of entry/exit points. An odor control blend is added to the water supply system and then pressurized, creating a fine fog. When the fog is released with the odor control blend mix, a series of chemical reactions completely neutralize the odor in the facility. The fog does not produce wetness on equipment, people, or the grounds due to high-pressure technology that atomizes water droplets.

When necessary, an exterior defense system can be created around the facility with fog lines. This can treat odors that could potentially escape the interior of the facility.

Outdoor Odor Control

The odor control process is the same for both indoor and outdoor facilities, but the set-up and system requirements differ. For outdoor job sites, high-pressure fog lines are run around the exterior of the facility to form a perimeter defense. The same proprietary blend used for indoor purposes is mixed with pressurized water to create a fine fog that works to eliminate the odor through a series of chemical reactions. 

Industry Applications for Misting Systems

For some industries, total odor elimination is a requirement due to potential health and environmental concerns. Some of these common odors are cannabis odors, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and methane. Treating these odors the right way is important, especially because carbon dioxide and methane are both odorless and potentially lethal. As a business owner, it’s up to you to ensure your staff is safe at all times.

High-pressure misting systems are extremely useful in environments that need to control odor or dust, as well as potentially harmful gases such as methane or carbon dioxide. Misting systems are also very effective at controlling climate, which is a crucial part of efficient greenhouse operations

Other industries where misting systems are used frequently to control odors are landfill/transfer stations, wastewater treatment plants, food processing facilities, and the petroleum industry.

Fogco Misting System Odor Control

If you need odors controlled in an indoor environment, Fogco installs high-pressure fog systems directly to ductwork or fans already in place. We use these systems to combine a fine fog with an odor control blend that works to neutralize existing odors. This fog will not make equipment, workers, or floors in your facility wet thanks to the high-pressure technology we put into place.

Controlling odors in outdoor environments requires a slightly different approach. Fogco will run high-pressure fog lines outside to create fine fog while using the same odor control blend to knock down and eliminate odors. The chemical reactions that are created when the fog and proprietary blend combine are enough to get rid of most odors in any outdoor area.

At Fogco, we can help you build a custom system that improves the air quality of your building, while meeting required air quality standards. We have the industry experience and know-how to offer the right solution for your odor control requirements. Take the next step and contact us today.

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