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Humidification System

Humidification And Humidity Control Systems

By August 7, 2013February 16th, 2020No Comments

The Fogco Revolution technology achieves continuous, eve, 360-degree humidification coverage from ceiling heights as low as eight feet.  Hung like a simple ceiling fan it broadcasts a fine ‘invisible mist’ outward in a horizontal circle along a stream of air.

The textile industry’s newest 360-degree vented mist system for humidity control provides up to five times the coverage of static line systems with less water, maintenance, and installation costs.

Extremely dry air in textile plants can cause production or quality issues, including yarn breakage, static build up, low regain, dust, lint or fly, particularly in winter when relative humidity can drop as low as 15 percent.

To prevent such problems, we developed the ‘Revolution’ humidity control systems. These systems humidify the air by producing a fine mist, or fog, and delivering it via a focused air stream using an integrated horizontal fan to achieve the desired 50 percent to 60 percent relative humidity within a textile plant.

By integrating a focused air stream directly into the fog, the water droplets cover more cubic feet (up to 10,000) and are able to humidify up to five times the amount of of standard static line misting systems.

The dry air readily absorbs the Revolution’s micron sized water droplets, virtually eliminating water vapor fallout and decreasing the amount of water required in standard misting systems.

Unlike static line misting systems that require labor intensive mounting and aligning of tubing or piping, the installer hangs the Revolution or Evolution like a ceiling fan. Its simple set up eliminates the need to work around poles, perimeters, columns and changes in floor elevation, reducing labor costs and cutting installation time about 90 percent compared to static line misting system installations.

While a typical vertical fan emits a focused air stream just 25 degrees wide and oscillates to distribute mist more widely, the Revolution provides continuous 360- degree humidification and airflow for more complete, consistent coverage.

Where vertical fan humidity control systems create air turbulence and water vapor fall out, the Revolution’s horizontal air stream integrated with fog ensures more complete humidification of the surrounding air and decreased water use.

The Fogco Revolution can be mounted from any overhead structure. The system is designed to operate with any Fogco pulley driven or direct drive 1000 psi fog pump, and is customizable by choice of appropriate Fogco nozzles.

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