Inject EPA Approved Disinfectants

Fogco FogCannons® and core products CAN be equipped with a water-driven injector to accurately inject EPA approved disinfectants into the pump water supply.  Injectors work using volumetric proportioning, ensuring that the solution mixture remains the same regardless of variations in pressure and flow. Once injected into the pump water supply, the disinfectants can then be distributed into open environments and applied to contact surfaces per CDC recommendations.

The Fogco FogCannons® are versatile enough to support a wide range of useful applications. Build your FogCannon as a skid pack for ease of mounting, as a road-worthy trailer, or as a self-contained unit that includes a tank, generator, and injector.

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Reasons to use a FogCannon to address Environmental concerns

  • Complete portability
  • Dispersion of billions of droplets per second to permeate surfaces and create a healthier environment
  • Delivers disinfectant to places that might otherwise be missed, overlooked, or out of reach.
  • Provides a significantly increased coverage area over traditional spray methods
  • Adaptable for use with a pre-mix tank and booster pump
  • Minimal effort, maximum results.

Disclaimer: EPA/CDC recommended disinfectants are known to be corrosive.
Fogco and its distributors assume no liability with use of disinfecting solutions.
Increased maintenance intervals are also recommended when adding any solutions outside of potable water.