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Misting Cooling Systems

Finding an Affordable Mist Cooling System

By September 1, 2016February 16th, 2020No Comments

An inconsistent temperature in the workplace is one of the biggest deterrents to productivity. Employees who are overheated or chilled will not be able to work long hours in industrial plants. Outdoor patios become incredibly uncomfortable and hazardous to people’s health if their temperature is not properly regulated. A mist cooling system is a very simple and effective way to ensure that humidity levels are balanced, whether your business operates indoors or outdoors.

What We Offer

Based in Chandler, AZ, and serving a variety of markets, we at Fogco lead the way in fog and misting systems. Whether you require a fog system for a large paper plant, a printing facility, a greenhouse, or any other commercial or industrial business, we can help recommend and design a properly sized mist cooling/humidification system that will help increase your company’s productivity on a daily basis. Odor and dust levels will also be controlled—and even suppressed entirely—when a mist cooling system is implemented.

Many people may attempt to design a mist system for their business on their own, but we have over 25 years of experience in developing thorough mist cooling systems for many different markets. We understand the time and effort it can take to develop your own system, and aim to provide affordable, simplistic alternatives to traditional mist line systems. Not only do we supply a range of commercial and industrial systems, we also design and manufacture them ourselves.

Options Available

We provide a variety of misting pumps in all voltages and levels of complexity, from direct drive pumps to complicated computer-controlled systems. No matter what your specific needs may be, we possess the unique capabilities and expertise necessary to design and build pumps to any required specification. We can design pumps that meet both NEC and UL compliances and we are always striving to design systems that meet and surpass industry standards.

A product line known as Revolution encompasses a wide range of different cooling fog fans, including a patio cooling fan and many mini humidification fans. Fog fans are adaptable to most pumps and controllers. When properly installed, your mist cooling system will run flawlessly.

Whether you work in a greenhouse or a textile plant, the advantages of a cooling fog system are numerous. Keep your employees comfortable and humidity levels controlled by installing a mist cooling system by Fogco.

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