Misting FAQs

How do I decide which type of misting system I need?

Although the basic requirements for all misting systems are similar, there are some specific differences that should be reviewed.

If the performance of the misting system is the most important factor, a 1000 psi high pressure system is recommended. All commercial and industrial applications will utilize a high pressure version of a misting system.

These pumps required for a high pressure misting system can vary in size, design, and cost. Speaking with a qualified manufacturer will help determine which type of pump is best for any given application.

In addition to the pump options, there are several different types of misting system tubing that can be used. Some applications are better designed utilizing flexible tubing while others need rigid tubing. The specific application and the misting system design will usually help determine which type of tubing is best suited for a given need.

The last consideration is the misting system nozzles. These are available in a variety of flow rates to allow a misting system to be tailored for any application. Whether the system is used to create high humidity in a commercial environment, or just to cool down a small residential patio, the various misting system nozzles will allow a perfect fit for any environment.


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