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Odor & Dust Control Systems

Dust Suppression Systems – The Health of Employees and Regulatory Compliance

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Workplace dust often occurs on a routine basis in many of the following industries: Construction, Ranches and Forestry, Mines and Quarries, Mills and Bakeries, Farms, Carpentry and Joinery, Textiles, Glass and Ceramic, Sandblasting and Painting, Power Generation, and Waste Management.

This dust must be suppressed not only to meet regulatory demands, but also to preserve the safety and health of employees. At Fogco, we offer dust suppression solutions that can help you achieve these goals.

Meeting Regulations

OSHA and the EPA have adopted standards for environmental safety that must be met by manufacturing companies in a wide range of industries. Very popular and high quality dust suppression systems inhibit dust from spreading in an environment by the action of spraying mist into the air. This effectively captures the dust particles, which ultimately weighs them down and brings them to the ground.

Compliance is an important reason for installing dust suppression systems. By adhering to the OSHA and EPA regulations, not only are you following the law and doing the right thing, but you are also avoiding the fees and penalties that can be associated with failing to meet these requirements. However, complying with these regulations also benefits your employees.

Employee Health

Lung disease is a very real problem associated with occupational environments in which workers are forced to breathe in contaminated air. It represents a significant health threat to the company’s workforce if not mitigated properly.

The Protection of Equipment

Dust can not only affect human life, which is the most important concern of course, but it can also interfere with the proper operation of equipment and machinery. Dust can make its way into important components of machinery and degrade its operational capability and efficiency. This is something that can hinder production, necessitate the need for extra maintenance, or even repair or replacements.

It is important to promote a healthy working environment for your workforce. Unwanted and unhealthy airborne particles can negatively affect the health of your workers and the performance of your equipment. Let Fogco assist you with your dust suppression needs.

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