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Misting System Fans

Choosing the Right Outdoor Mist Fan

By October 20, 2016February 16th, 2020No Comments

Fog or mist fans can be a great addition to any patio or outdoor space. With the increase in popularity and demand, you can find one of these fans at just about any department store or home improvement retail location. However, with so many different outdoor mist fan models to choose from, it can be hard to determine which one is right for you.

Let’s look at what is available and see why Fogco fans may be the best choice.

Going with the Most Cost Efficient Option

You can buy a misting fan for as low as $25. However, what you will find is simply a misting ring which attaches to a standard fan. The attachment allows you to attach the hose to a faucet and the unit to the fan guard. Although your fan will indeed provide some mist, it will be delivered using low pressure and will only cover a small area.

For a little more money you can buy a stainless steel misting attachment for your fan. This is less likely to corrode over time but you still have a low pressure mister that only covers a small parameter.

Some of the other low end misters are similar to cool air home humidifiers. In fact, they are not much more than humidifiers as opposed to misters and they may not be very effective at cooling.

Reasons to Avoid a Low Pressure Outdoor Mist Fan

Most low pressure misting systems are not capable of producing the tiny water droplets that are characteristic of quality misting fans. When your misting system produces large droplets you could soon have a wet, slippery surface and this can be a hazard to walk on.

Most low pressure systems do not employ powerful fans. This can increase the problems associated with distributing “wet air”. So what is a good solution to outdoor misting?

Fogco misting fans are very powerful and work with high pressure water systems. They are capable of producing extremely tiny droplets of water, thus creating a quality mist which provides several benefits.

Your Fogco outdoor mist fan will effectively cool and humidify a large area. In addition, it helps to keep dust to a minimum as the tiny water droplets absorb all kinds of dust particles and they simply fall harmlessly to the ground. A quality misting fan also helps to reduce odors in the air, making for a more comfortable environment for guests, visitors or workers. Fogco provides some of the most trusted misting solutions on the market today like the Revolution models and our outdoor misting kits.

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