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Benefits of Using a Temperature and Humidity Controller for Your Misting System

By December 26, 2016April 25th, 2023No Comments

For a commercial building or a residential patio or poolside area, having the option to operate the misting and fog system from a remote control can be extremely convenient. It also provides more control in commercial settings where the control of humidity for dust or odor control may be more critical.

At Fogco our systems have the capability to be controlled through the use of a universal remote control box. This is a simple, discrete and compact outdoor box that works on either a 15 or a 20 amp circuit. It can be attached to a wall, pole or column and it comes with a weather proof outdoor rated enclosure for full protection of the system.

We offer a 115V and a 230V option for our universal remote control box Both will require a dedicated circuit as mentioned above and each is fully equipped with everything required. Within the system, you will find a wireless receiver, a fused transformer and the power supply cord to route power to the system through the box. There is also the outlet for the pump, so it is a very simple installation and setup process.

The Advantages

The universal remote control operates using a key fob transmitter which allows the user to access the cooling system within a 150-foot radius of the box.

The controller also gives the user the ability to turn the system on and off, as well as make any adjustments without having to manually do so on the box. This added element of convenience makes it easier for homeowners to control the on/off of their system without having to be at the pump location.

Commercial properties using the fogging system for odor and dust control or to maintain temperatures in specific areas experience the same benefits. With the use of the remote transmitter, the system can be engaged and as needed rather than operating continually or on a pre-set timer.

Since the remote receiver can be positioned anywhere, it is also a safety feature. There is no need to walk over to the controller to turn the system on or off, keeping employees out of traffic and work areas and allowing the receiver and box to be positioned away from potential damage from equipment.

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