Patio Cooling Misting Systems

Outdoor Misting Systems: The Best Option for Patio Cooling

Everyone loves the summer, but those hot summer afternoons and evenings can make it difficult to enjoy time outside. Outdoor misting fans can cool down your outdoor area, while bringing a touch of southern charm to any outdoor living space.

Popular in theme parks and other public areas, outdoor misting systems can be both efficient and comfortable. Foolproof and cost-efficient, misting systems can make summer barbecues and outdoor get-togethers more enjoyable for the entire family.

How Misting Systems Work

High-quality outdoor misting fans are designed to deliver an incredibly fine mist, or a fog, which contains individual water droplets that are just microns in size. As the water is forced out of the nozzles, fine droplets are formed. When the drops of water come in contact with the hot, dry air, flash evaporation occurs.

The evaporation process draws heat from the surrounding air, dropping the ambient temperature by as much as forty degrees. The fan then blows this cooled air down and over the surrounding space, creating a cooling effect without a direct breeze or the annoying noise of those large outdoor box fan units.

Installing an outdoor cooling system is a simple and cost-effective way to expand the use of your outdoor living space. This is true for a residential home, a restaurant, coffee shop, hotel, resort or community center. It is also an ideal option for a park or a landscaped area in a commercial building.

If you haven’t seen our patio cooling fans yet, you will be amazed at how these will add a real sense of style and décor to your deck, patio, gazebo, pergola or outdoor kitchen area. They are able to cover up to 900 square feet with a single fan, making them an extremely cost-effective addition for the space.

At Fogco, our outdoor systems are designed to provide the optimal size of water droplets and the ideal mist production to decrease the ambient temperature. Our systems can be installed under covered areas such as patios, pergolas, or gazebos or they can be designed and customized to blend into the landscape or work with a variety of different misting pillars and stands in open areas.

The Benefits of Misting Systems 


  • Cost-efficient and energy-efficient: Contrary to popular belief, misting units are much more water- and energy-efficient than traditional cooling methods. It takes about 75 gallons of water to power an air conditioner, whereas an outdoor misting system needs less than a fourth of that to get the job done. 


  • Easy to maintain: When installed properly, outdoor misting systems can be low-maintenance and long-lasting. Once you have decided what your system will look like and where it will be placed, the installation and maintenance are relatively hassle-free. Should your system ever give you any issues, we offer a lifetime guarantee for free phone assistance as well as a network of mechanics that you can consult for repairs.


  • Concealed plumbing: Outdoor misting systems can be designed to conceal piping, plumbing, and nozzles. This adds to the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space and minimizes any visibility of the plumbing. High-quality misting pumps are designed to be extremely quiet and, like the pipes and plumbing, they can be strategically hidden within the landscaping or out of sight from the area.


  • Special effects: In addition to amazing cooling performance, outdoor misting systems can also be used to create special effects. It is possible to produce the look of fog over a pond or water feature in a residential yard or a commercial property. This is also a terrific option cascading down a retaining wall or along the border of landscaped area.

Options for Misting Systems

At Fogco we can provide a customized approach to an outdoor cooling system for both residential and commercial properties. This allows our design team, working with the client, to provide just the look that is perfect for the given location.

For example, around a pool deck area, mist can be used at the deck level to give an amazing diffused look at the surface of the pool and the surrounding deck. This can be enhanced by underwater or overhead lights.

Systems using columns or pillar types of misters are perfect for walkways, sidewalks or for seating areas in the landscape. Misters along the interior roof of patios and gazebos provide instant relief from the heat without the need for high powered fans.

Misting System Designs and Options

This series of outdoor misting fans comes in a range of different designer treatments. Each of the fans is powder-coated, which means they will stand up to outdoor use without rusting or corroding. 

They come in a range of different colors including brown, black and tan. Various design elements will work with any patio, outdoor kitchen, living space, color scheme or design theme.

While the operational specs for the system are always critical, it is also important to consider the aesthetics. There are several factors to keep in mind, all which provide a different look or style to the system without compromising cooling potential.

Different Outdoor Cooling Systems for Different Climates

The first step in designing a cooling system is understanding the different types available. When it comes to effective, energy-efficient outdoor cooling systems, there are two basic options to choose from: 

  • Misting systems: Water is flash evaporated to cause a drop in the ambient temperature by removing heat. 
  • Fan and fog combination: This provides both cooling from evaporation as well as air movement.

Understanding why different outdoor cooling systems are recommended starts by taking a closer look at each system’s benefits under specific conditions:

Temperatures and Humidity

For locations with high temperatures and low humidity, a true misting system is recommended. When you combine high temperatures with low humidity levels, the outcome allows for a noticeable drop in the air temperature within a short period of time. Temperatures drop in this climate because high temperatures cause flash evaporation to occur more rapidly.

When there are lower temperatures with higher levels of humidity, flash evaporation does not occur. Typically, when the temperature is lower than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity levels are above 80%, the misting system alone will be less effective, although there will still be a slight drop in temperature. Combining a fan and fog system is often the best choice in these situations.

Air Movement

Regardless of the type of cooling system used, a consistent supply of airflow is required for optimal results. A constant supply of fresh, dry air circulating in the designated area allows for the evaporative process to occur continuously, maximizing the effects of outdoor cooling systems.

In areas with limited natural air circulation, such as multi-season porches or patios, misting fan systems are highly effective.

Fogco’s design includes ten cleanable nozzles that are installed on a stainless steel fog ring. This provides a steady supply of mist to be produced and dispersed into the airflow, allowing for the cool air to be directed and deflected 360 degrees around the fan.

This directed airflow also draws fresh air into the space, creating the ideal conditions for cooling temperatures on an ongoing basis. As with misting systems, there is no increase in actual humidity, so it is a very natural, dry cooling breeze — not something that feels wet or damp.

It’s no secret that weather conditions can vary dramatically depending on your geographic location, which is why outdoor cooling systems are not factory-built to be “one size fits all.” Before choosing an outdoor misting system, talk to our design team and make sure you are getting the most effective system for your location. We can also provide you with helpful tips and ideas for installation to make the process easy, even if you are doing it on your own.

Tips for Keeping Cool with Outdoor Misting and Cooling

Summer time is the best time of year to enjoy the great outdoors—especially if you have an outdoor patio, deck, garden area, etc. The warm weather is always inviting, but it can be dangerous, too. A heat stroke can affect humans and pets if they are exposed to high temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight for long periods of time.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. The outdoors should be enjoyed by people and pets alike. Patio cooling and OUTDOOR COOLING SYSTEMS help people and their pets stay refreshed and cool on hot summer days.

Patio Mist Cooling

There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying time by the pool or lounging on the patio or deck. But on warm or hot days, it’s not always possible. Misting systems have been used for decades to help keep outdoor areas cool and make time outside more enjoyable.

Patio misting systems spray water in extremely fine droplets. They can reduce outdoor temperatures by 30 degrees without condensation or creating a wet environment. Mist cooling systems are designed to spruce up and cool down your patio, deck, backyard garden area, private tennis courts, and more. Misting fans can also be a great idea for residential outdoor spaces or commercial patios or decks in many industries:

  • Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Cafés
  • Sports bars
  • Outdoor sporting event venues
  • Hotel outdoor seating locations

A patio misting system can quickly cool temperatures down so that you can actually enjoy your patio—an extension of your indoor living space—more often during the year. It also offers the benefit of controlling allergens in the area, such as dust mites and pollen, thus helping to decrease your allergy symptoms. This type of system is also useful as an insect repellant, helping to keep flying insects around your home at bay.

Patio misting systems can also be used in many other applications. For instance, they can be placed in an enclosed environment such as a greenhouse, where they increase the humidity level and thus benefit your plants. Food stores can also benefit from these systems if they must keep certain items fresh. Product vendors can benefit from these systems if they operate outdoors as well, as the systems essentially add air conditioning to their environments.

Best Uses for Outdoor Cooling Systems

Outdoor cooling systems have been utilized for decades to cool outdoor spaces. They can potentially reduce your outdoor temperature by 40 degrees Fahrenheit without causing a noticeable rise in the area’s relative humidity. These systems can be used in a wide range of settings: 

  • Waterfalls
  • Fountains 
  • Golf facilities
  • Tennis courts
  • Arenas
  • Theme parks
  • Restaurants 
  • Resorts and hotels

At 1,000 psi, a high-pressure fan can produce water droplets that are as tiny as five-millionths of a meter. With the droplets being so small, “flash evaporation” takes place, and this decreases your outdoor area’s ambient temperature. The process is known as thermal dynamics, which means that energy is required for water to evaporate. The energy exchange that takes place with the mist fan leads to immediate outdoor cooling.

The effectiveness of your outdoor cooling system depends on multiple factors, including the current air exchange rate, humidity levels, and existing temperature. You may experience drastic results if you have low levels of humidity—below 50 percent—and temperatures greater than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This is particularly true if air exchange is constant on your patio or other outdoor space. In addition, the evaporation of a greater amount of moisture leads to greater cooling capability.

Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Your Patio Misting System 

One of your favorite pastimes may include sitting on your patio and simply immersing yourself in nature. Although your home’s patio may be a popular spot for relaxation or for spending quality time with family and friends, it might be impractical to use it during the sweltering dog days of summer. However, a patio misting system can help you create a patio environment that is cooler and more inviting than you may have ever thought was possible during the hot summer months.

Patio misting systems can work well for golf courses, community centers, restaurants and bars, hotels, and venues. These systems provide a natural, low-energy-use option to cool the air using evaporation, and they offer a welcome alternative to noisy, powerful fans that simply blow hot air around an already hot outdoor space.

If you are going to install a misting system on your own, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. By carefully selecting both the system and the configuration, you can have the cool space you have always wanted, as well as save money on installation. Here are some mistakes to avoid in order to maximize the cooling ability of your patio misting fan:

  • Not understanding air circulation: With typical misting systems, the natural movement of the air through the cooling process requires continual air flow to provide the maximum cooling effect. Patio misting fans move air down to the surface, making these fans more effective even if there is not direct natural air circulation.
  • Not considering obstructions: While misting fans are designed for a specific square footage, this is open space square footage. If your patio has different areas that are divided by walls or other obstructions that limit air movement, square footage of coverage will also be reduced.
  • Stretching the square footage: If you want to use all of your outdoor living space, don’t stretch the coverage of misting fans. For example, if you have a 1,000-foot area with one or two walls or dividers, a more effective option may be to choose three 400-square-foot fans rather than one 900-square-foot model.
  • Selecting the wrong nozzle: It is essential to start with top-quality standard nozzles, and to only use the number of nozzles the patio misting system pump is rated for. Adding more nozzles will decrease the effectiveness of the system, and result in poor performance. In areas that have hard water, which can cause lime-scale buildup, or areas that use water with a high mineral content, it is important to use a filtering system in the intake line to protect the tubing and nozzles with a filtering system. 
  • Choosing the wrong pump size: Designed to run on a water supply from the house, typically an outside faucet, patio misting systems need to have a pump to boost the pressure in the lines, and force the water through the very fine holes in the nozzle to create micro droplets of water. When the pump is too small, there is simply not enough pressure through all the nozzles. This result is some or all of the nozzles, particularly more distant from the pump, drip rather than spray. This will decrease the effectiveness of the system, and also lead to a wet mess under these nozzles. 

At Fogco, we sell the filter to remove sediments, as well as a phosphate cartridge that removes calcium from the water. This will help your nozzles to continue to deliver that fine spray of water, saving you in replacements costs, and providing a longer life for the entire misting system. 

Fogco Patio Misting and Outdoor Cooling Systems

Fans and cooling systems are ideal for controlling outdoor environments with light misting techniques. Models such as the WINDCHILL PATIO COOLING FAN and the Revolution and Revolution II humidification fan have become increasingly popular, especially during the summer months.

Fans like our WindChill can be mounted outdoors as a cooling fan for the patio or deck. It mounts just like a regular ceiling fan and blends into the design of the room—allowing customers to enjoy its features without having to look at any additional bulky equipment or distracting machinery.

If you’re looking for something a little more versatile that can be used both indoors and outdoors, our Revolution series might be a good fit for you. This series of cooling systems and fans work great for multi-season rooms and screened in porches. They can spruce up the room while also providing cooler temperature and less humidity. 

Check out our selection of misting systems. We are the experts in outdoor cooling and you will find a unique system among our selection that caters to your unique needs, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial in nature. Our team is here to answer any question you may have about choosing the best option. Be sure to contact us today. Enjoy your porch, decks, and patios again with the added benefits of a cooling system! To learn more, call us at 800-607-6478.