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The Art of Misting

Mist systems were originally introduced in the 1950’s for cattle and poultry cooling. The concept has since expanded to include hundreds of specialty uses including humidification, dust and odor control, greenhouse propagation, specialty air filtration, fire suppression, special effects, and more. For a more detailed look at its many uses, see the Applications section of this website.

These diverse systems are used for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Although the most common use for mist systems is still outdoor cooling, new and exciting uses continue to be developed. Industries such as restaurants, theme parks, metal and concrete manufacturing, produce storage facilities, dairy and poultry farms, zoos, amusement parks, wood and textile plants all can benefit from the unique attributes associated with mist systems.

Fogco has been the leader in many of these expanding applications. Whether special effects are used within a landscape project for Mistscaping or the fog effect is included in a pool water feature as a FogDeck system, Fogco continues to use its experience and its customers input to develop useful high quality mist system products to enhance and improve its users quality of life.