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Misting System Fans

A Gardener’s Friend: Outdoor Misting Fans for Patios

By March 31, 2017March 9th, 2023No Comments

While the summer weather is always a nice change from the cooler winter, extremely hot summers are becoming more common throughout the United States. This is true for the southern states and always has been, but even the temperature in the normally more moderate areas of the country is heating up.

Cooler Outdoor Gardening

For outdoor gardeners, particularly those that enjoy patio gardens or using plants to add to the décor and design of their outdoor living space, this increase in temperature is not ideal. Using fans creates a breeze, but it does not significantly drop the temperature, which can lead to problems for gardeners in growing both annuals and perennials.

One effective and low-cost option to create an ideal growing environment for plants of all types is to use outdoor misting fans during the heat of the day. These fans can be used to create a significant cooling effect for the plants to produce the optimal growing temperature.

Of course, the added benefit of using outdoor misting fans is the boost in the humidity in the area. With the cooler temperatures misting fans provide, there will be less evaporation from the soil and more efficient water conservation in pots and containers.

Not a Greenhouse

At Fogco, we produce fogging and misting systems for greenhouses, but this requires a controlled internal environment. With the backyard outdoor living space, landscaping, and patio gardening, the outdoor misting fans are used primarily for temperature control.

With automatic timers and controls used on the system, gardeners can choose when to turn the systems on and off based on the ambient environmental temperatures and humidity. Ideally, a low humidity and a high temperature will create the biggest temperature drop with the system.

For those that prefer to use a manual on and off control, it is as simple as flicking the switch. This allows you to carefully control when the system is on or off and you can also use this feature as needed when you want to spend some time in the beautiful oasis you have created.

These misting fans come in a variety of different styles, sizes, and cooling capacities. To learn more about the options we offer browse around the site or contact our staff today.