Misting Nozzles & Adapters

The Fogco misting nozzles represent the highest quality nozzles available. They have been laboratory tested to ensure they perform as designed and will provide atomization as small as 1 micron with the majority of the droplets being between 5 and 15 microns. Each micron is equal to one millionth of a meter.

We use high quality brass alloy and 316L stainless steel in the production of the nozzles. The nozzle design includes an o-ring seal so they can be easily installed and removed without the need of teflon tape or any other sealing material.

These mist nozzles include our standard design and a newly developed cleanable nozzle. The standard nozzles are available in a brass body with a stainless steel orifice. The cleanable nozzles are available with a brass body and stainless steel orifice or in an all stainless steel version. The cleanable design also includes an anti drip adapter to prevent the misting nozzle from dripping during shut down. The Fogco nozzles are designed to operate at pressures above 500 psi and have a 10/24 UNC male thread.

The Fogco Nozzle Adapter range includes a number of related fittings that are adaptable to the 10/24 UNC thread and are usable in the Nylon, Copper, or Stainless Steel misting systems. These accessories include nozzle plugs, drain valves, nozzle clusters, and a variety of nozzle extensions and specialty adapters to customize the design and performance of the misting system.

Standard Nozzles

Part Number Orifice Diameter GPM/LPM Description O-Ring Color Image
93508 .008″/.2mm .020/.076 Brass/SS Red
93512 .012″/.3mm .029/.110 Brass/SS Black
80450 .016″/.4mm .044/.167 Brass/SS Brown
93520 .020″/.5mm .055/.208 Brass/SS Green

Cleanable Nozzles With Anti-Drip Adapters

Part Number Orifice Diameter GPM/LPM Description O-Ring Color Image
95031 .006″/.15mm .010/.038 Brass/SS Yellow
95037 .008″/.2mm .016/.061 Brass/SS Red
95038 .012″/.3mm .025/.095 Brass/SS Black
95039 .016″/.4mm .036/.136 Brass/SS Brown
95040 .020″/.5mm .045/.170 Brass/SS Green
95032* .006″/.15mm .010/.038 Stainless Steel Black
95033* .008″/.2mm .016/.061 Stainless Steel Black
95034* .012″/.3mm .025/.095 Stainless Steel Black
95035* .016″/.4mm .036/.136 Stainless Steel Black
95036* .020″/.5mm .045/.170 Stainless Steel Black

* Orifice Diameter is stamped onto the nozzle facing
** GPM is based on 1000 psi

Nozzle Adapters

Part Number Description Size Image
93501 Brass 1.5″ Nozzle Extension 10/24 UNC/3/8″ O.D.
93597 Copper 6″ Nozzle Extension 10/24 UNC X 10/24 UNC
92808 Copper 12″ Nozzle Extension 10/24 UNC X 10/24 UNC
93013 Stainless 3 Nozzle Cluster 10/24 UNC
93019 Stainless Steel 5 Nozzle Cluster 10/24 UNC
95041 Nozzle Swivel Adapter 10/24 UNC X 10/24 UNC
93503 Auto Drain Valve 10/24 UNC/3/8″ O.D.
92519 Brass Nozzle Adapter 1/8″ MNPT X 10/24 UNC
92520* Brass Nozzle Adapter 12/24 UNC X 10/24 UNC
93505 Brass Nozzle Plug 10/24 UNC
92100 Nozzle Removal Tool N/A
10252 Black Nozzle O-ring .240″ O.D X .160″ I.D.