Mist System Filtration

Due to the extremely small orifice size for all our misting nozzles, water filtration is a highly recommended addition to any system.

For smaller projects with up to 5 GPM flow, our standard 10″ Slim Line Filter Housing and cartridge are recommended. The standard cartridge provides 5 micron filtration for the mist system. When 1-micron filtration is required, it is recommended that it be used as a secondary filter along with a 5 micron pre-filter. Both cartridges are made from pure polypropylene.

To help offset the affects of calcium and other dissolved solids present in the water supply, we also offer a phosphate cartridge. This cartridge contains poly-crystals that dissolve over time and are able to surround calcium molecules preventing them from adhering to the mist nozzles or the surrounding area. The cartridge will not remove the dissolved solids. It is designed for water treatment only and should always be installed in front of the standard 5 micron polypropylene filter cartridge as a dual filtration setup.

For larger commercial projects up to 5-15 GPM, we offer the “Big Blue” with it’s unique 4.5” x 10” dual filter for effective system filtration.


Part Number Description Capacity GPM/LPM Dimensions Image
92609 10″ Housing With 1/2″ Ports 5.0/19.0 4.5″ X 12″
92603 1 Micron Cartridge 5.0/19.0 2.75″ X 9.75″
92608 5 Micron Filter Cartridge 5.0/19.0 2.75″ X 9.75″
92526 10 Micron Cartridge 5.0/19.0 2.75″ X 9.75″
93039 Phosphate Cartridge 3.0/12.0 2.75″ X 9.75″
95022 Mounting Bracket Used With 92609
95062 Filter Wrench Used With 92609
95024 Filter O-ring Used With 92609
10109 In-line Calcium Inhibitor Filter .5/2.0 2″ X 6.5″
92611 10″ Housing With 1″ Ports 30/114 7.5″ X 13″
92612 25/1 Micron Dual Filter Cartridge 15/57 4.5″ X 9.75″