Misting Fans


The Revolution was the first in a series of innovative ‘air assist’ misting fans developed by Fogco specifically for climate control applications. The Revolution II and the Evolution units are the latest additions to the Fogco product mix.

The Revolution misting fan is designed to provide improved evaporative cooling and humidification and is suitable for use in indoor or outdoor applications. This product provides increased coverage of the misting system, improved absorption of the moisture from the system, and a more uniformed distribution of the fog. By integrating a focused horizontal air stream into the fog, the water droplets are carried along the air stream and can cover more area. This allows the fog system to cool or humidify up to 5 times the amount of air compared to static line misting systems.

The Revolution is designed to be hung from the ceiling. It can be used to replace a typical ceiling fan or can be mounted from any overhead structure. The Revolution will also allow for portable applications by mounting it on the custom designed Revolution stand. This misting fan unit includes an outdoor rated fan mounted in a treated enclosure with a stainless steel fog ring. This unique misting fan is available with 50Hz/60Hz motors and is available in 115V or 230V. The Revolution provides 2100 cfm and uses 1.8 amps at 115V. It includes a stainless steel fog ring with 10 misting nozzle fittings. The mist fan can cover can cover up to 3600 square feet or 36,000 cubic feet.

There are a few key differences between a typical vertical fan and the horizontal design of the Revolution misting fans. A vertical fan can only provide a focused stream of air approximately 25 degrees wide. As with a flashlight, it can only cover a narrow range. The Revolution is designed to provide 360 degree airflow around the entire circumference of the misting fan housing. Similar to a floodlight, it can cover a larger area while maintaining much more consistent results.

The second main difference between a standard vertical fan and the Revolution mist fan design is the spray pattern itself. A vertical fan can only create a concentrated column of air in a specific direction. This causes heavy turbulence within the airstream resulting in the fog collapsing within the column of air.

This means the traditional vertical fan will create excessive fallout of the mist, diminished cooling and humidification, and inefficient use of the water. However, the Revolution will disperse the airstream on a 360 degree plane around the perimeter of the unit and parallel to the ground. Because of this, the spray from each mist nozzle is carried in a different direction creating a more effective distribution of the fog into the surrounding area.

The video of the Revolution product in use shows the effect of including a horizontal airstream just below the fog nozzles.

Revolution Mist Fan

Model Design HP Volts Amps Dimensions Weight
93800 Ceiling Mount .25 115 1.9 24″ X 10″ 39 Lbs
93820 Ceiling Mount .25 230 .9 24″ X 10″ 39 Lbs
93900 Stand Mount .25 115 1.9 28″ X 85″ 60 Lbs
93920 Stand Mount .25 230 .9 28″ X 85″ 60 Lbs