Mist System Controllers


The FOGCOntroller is the latest innovation from Fogco and provides automated control of a typical fog system. The controller is a 24 VAC microprocessor ideal for controlling up to 2 seperate zones based on humidity and/or temperature. When incorporated into the Fogco climate control system, a completely integrated and automated system is achieved. The controller requires the use of an external 50 watt 24VAC transformer as a power supply.

The FOGCOntroller was designed specifically for use with fog systems and has multiple inputs and outputs. The unit can control a low or high pressure safety switch with a built in programmable delay; two seperate humidity/temperature sensors; two seperate remotely located ON/Off switches; three seperate components for zone 1; and three seperate components for zone 2.

This multi relay controller allows for the seperate use and control of a series of fans (with a programmable delay function) that may be utilized as part of the fog system. This design also allows for individual control of multiple components such as a control of the water supply, the zone valves, and the pump.

The FOGCOntroller offers five different operating modes including Manual; Trigger; Temperature; Hiumidity; and Temperature/Humidity. Temperature/Humidity is a proprietary operating mode also known as a ‘comfort’ mode since it allows the temperature control of the system with an over ride shut-off function if the humidity exceeds a programmable ‘comfortable’ level.

The remote sensors are fully calibrated reflow humidity sensors with digital output that sends binary data over RS485 protocol. They react with an accuracy of +/- 2%. The sensors follow typical SHT15 standards.

Blank cover or private labeling is available for this component. Other customized software versions of the controller are also available.

Model Description
92910 FOGCOntroller 2 Zone Microprocessor
92909 Remote Humidity/Temperature sensor
92908 4 Pin Connector
92907 4 Wire Shielded Instrumentation Cable
94206 22 Gauge 6 Conductor Signal Cable
94207 16 Gauge 2 Conductor Power Supply Cable