Mist System Controllers


The FogCenter is the second addition to the Fogco controller line. It is a highly sophisticated fog-system-specific controller and will provide automated control of a typical fog system. It is a digital processing multi-purpose unit capable of controlling up to 10 separate zones based on time, humidity and/or temperature. When incorporated into the Fogco climate control system, a completely integrated and automated system is achieved. The controller includes a monochrome graphic display with backlight. The unit requires the use of an external 100 watt 24VAC transformer as a power supply.

The FogCenter has 11 inputs terminals and 12 output terminals. The unit can control a pump start contactor, an injector pump, a main line electric drain valve, zone outlet and drain valves, a system over pressure valve and a safety circulatory valve. It will also provide an alarm signal under certain system pressure conditions.

The controller includes the capacity to connect to various system safety components including a downstream high pressure transmitter which allows for intelligent control of the various valves to maintain desired pressure levels. The FogCenter can also monitor inlet water pressure preventing too high or too low water supply to the pump and it can monitor the temperature of the water supply by utilizing a tempersture thermistor sensor thereby preventing damage to the pump due to over heated inlet water supply.

The FogCenter can be configured to allow for remote monitoring and programming changes through the FogCenter proprietary website. The unit can also include integration into a building maintenance system. The FogCenter interfaces include a USB terminal used to connect a USB-UMTS modem to the unit or to insert a memory or modem stick; an ethernet RJ-45 shielded jack allowing integration to a local network; an RS422 RJ9 (4P4C) port for debugging outputs, firmware updates and PC communications. The controller also includes 2 Mecbus Master connections for communication between various controllers and 2 Mecbus Slave connections for communication between the controller and the remote sensor units.

The FogCenter provides several different operating modes including time control with various On/Off times per day as well as several different temperature and/or humidity control options with over a dozen different system control settings. The unit also provides a special hygiene cleaning function that will allow all fog lines to be automatically purged after a programmed time of inactivity. This function eliminates the odor and possible health concerns associated with long term standing water.

The FogCenter is designed to operate with a special Fogcenter remote sensor. These sensors allow for humidity and/or temperature control of the system. The unique design of these sensors allow for up to 10 zones to be controlled through the FogCenter controller.

Model Description
92911 FogCenter Multi-Purpose Controller
92912 FogCenter Temperature/Humidity Sensor
92913 FogCenter sensor Connector Cable
94206 22 gauge 6 Conductor Signal Cable
94207 18 Gauge 2 Conductor Power Supply Cable