Dust Control Solutions

Back in August of 2011, we commented on the use of mist systems or fog systems for effective dust and odor control. The idea is that when you atomize water to extremely small droplet sizes (10 microns or 10 millionths of a meter in diameter) and distribute them into an area with airborne dust particles, the water will bind with the dust particles and force them to the ground. In many applications, this methd of dust supression is the most efficient option available. The same principle applies for odor suppression.

When properly designed and operated, water in the form of mist or fog is extremely effective at ‘filtering’ the air. One study even showed where a mist system could substantially reduce the amount of CO2 in the air. So the concept is not limited to dust particles. it can also remove airborne odors and gases.

Traditionally, this method of dust control worked best in an indoor environment where conditions allowed for the installation of a typical overhead mist system. It was not always practical to install such a system in a facility where the dust control requirement was outdoors in an open area.

For these types of applications (which include waste treatment facilities, rock crushing, mining, waste transfer, recycling, construction sites, and structure demolition) a more specialized solution was required. The solution is Spraystream.

Spraystream can best be described as a ‘fog cannon’. The product produces a high velocity column of air that travels up to 150 feet away from the unit. Introducing a concentrated stream of mist within the column of air provides dust and odor control capability over an extremely large area. The cannon includes vertical adjustment of the air stream and can also be equipped with an automated oscillator allowing for dust control coverage of up to 70,000 square feet. The video of the Spraystream products in use shows the versatility and capabilities of this product. It is ideal for outdoor use and provides access to advanced technology that efficiently and effectively suppresses dust and odor in commercial and industrial applications.

The products are engineered for industrial use in the most extreme environments. They include a variety of sizes and options including wall mount units, portable cart units, and completely self contained trailer units.

The specification pages for the Spraystream products can be found on the Fogco Downloads page of our website.