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Important Factors When Considering the Purchase of a Misting System

There are plenty of options on the market (and on the internet) when looking at a misting system for your home or business. As with most things in life, the price you pay is dependent on the quality and performance capability of the system. Below are a few factors to consider when making your decision. […]

1 Phase vs. 3 Phase Motors

Most residential misting systems are designed for 1 Phase power because that is typically the only available power supply. However, some commercial and most industrial applications do have the option of using 1 Phase or 3 Phase power. So the question becomes, which is a better option. In terms of the actual performance of the […]

Direct Drive, Pulley Drive, and Variable Frequency Drive Pumps

Whenever Fogco begins the process of designing a misting system for a customer, we have three basic pump design options. These options include a direct drive (dd) pump; a pulley drive (pd) pump; or a variable frequency drive (vfd) pump also known as an inverter drive pump. Each option has its own set of pros […]

Ready to Design?

If you are ready to design your misting system, we are here to help. Fogco’s design forms make it easy to determine what is needed for your specific application. There is a design form for cooling, humidification, dust control, and for greenhouse climate control. Just fill out the form and submit, or print the form and fax it over. A […]

Tubing and Fittings

To complete the mist system, Fogco has a wide range of tubing and fittings to both simplify your mist system installation as well as allow for a wide range of design options.  We offer flexible tubing and our proprietary slip lok fittings or rigid tubing in pre-soldered copper and pre-welded stainless steel mist line.

Need Control?

For automated control of the mist system, Fogco has developed a specific line of low voltage controllers.  These FOGCOntrollers provide a number of unique features including programmable relays and pressure sensing capability.