How do I get the best cooling from my mist system?

A high pressure misting system can be very effective at cooling an outdoor patio. The concept relies on a principle called thermal dynamics. Essentially, it says when water evaporates, it requires energy to change from a liquid to a vapor. The water droplets get the energy from the heat in the air. When the energy […]

How much will a mist system drop the temperature?

It is one of the most common questions we hear.  ‘How much of a temperature drop will I get on my patio if I install a high pressure misting system?”. The answer to this question will depend on a number of factors.  Before we answer the question, lets consider the different variables. 1) Hot and […]

Important Factors When Considering the Purchase of a Misting System

There are plenty of options on the market (and on the internet) when looking at a misting system for your home or business. As with most things in life, the price you pay is dependent on the quality and performance capability of the system. Below are a few factors to consider when making your decision. […]

Factors Affecting Greenhouse Humidification

Most greenhouse applications require artificial humidification to maintain moisture levels that provide an ideal growing environment. Of the available options to introduce this needed humidity, high pressure misting systems are a practical and the effective option. Before considering the type of humidification system or the system design, a good understanding of the environment is required. […]

1 Phase vs. 3 Phase Motors

Most residential misting systems are designed for 1 Phase power because that is typically the only available power supply. However, some commercial and most industrial applications do have the option of using 1 Phase or 3 Phase power. So the question becomes, which is a better option. In terms of the actual performance of the […]

Achieving humidity with dry fog

The ability to create very high humidity levels has been needed for dozens of industrial applications for decades.  The ideal means to accomplish this depends of a number of critical factors. What level of humidity is needed? How large is the area to be humidified? Is moisture fallout a concern? Are their specific on-site considerations […]

Humidification for Paper Processing and Printing Industries

Constant and consistent control of the humidity levels in all stages of the paper processing and printing industries is critical for optimum results. To maintain the moisture content of the paper and to ensure proper operation of the equipment, humidity levels between 40% and 55% are required. By maintaining these humidity levels, the paper quality […]